Home Shopping

Hello Wonderers:

It’s a three day weekend and my husband has to work. So what’s a girl to do, you might be wondering? Shop of course. Unfortunately for me I have to shop at home because September is my anniversary and my birthday month so I dare not tamper with the budget in case there is a diamond on the horizon. Hint, hint.. 🙂 My friend salpal1 at whatimuptotoday.wordpress.com taught me how to create that smiley face.

So shopping at home means room update. This room is a clean slate because I have been conflicted about what colors to use. One of my favorite colors is red but I promised the hubby that I would not paint a room in the new house red since he allowed me to do it at the old house. The family room and dining room.


So here I am with all these beige walls. I was thinking blue but the inner me says RED.

Remember this table?


I have not done anything to it yet except I put a knob on the drawer and I moved it into the bathroom next to the mud room. I also gathered up some Liz Jardine poster prints I brought back in 2004 that have been rolled up on top of the china closet since. I didn’t remember them until we moved and they were discovered. I framed them about six months ago but they have been in the closet waiting for me to give up on blue. There is also a Charles Bibb calendar page I framed and hung in the room.


Some white towels from an upstairs bathroom and a plant from the livingroom and ta da I’ve done something with this space. Maybe my husband will like it and encourage me to paint the room red. But not this weekend!



Until next time, keep wondering and enjoy the weekend.

My Award nominees


I will have to change the criteria a little. I only follow about 10 bloggers at this point and I’m not sure if you can nominate anyone who has already been nominated or if the nominees have more than 200 followers, so I am going to nominate the blogs I love and you guys will need to govern yourselves accordingly. Here goes……

My nominations are:

Contoursoflife, A journey called life in first person because writes so eloquently and honest.
contours office.wordpress.com

Passing down crazy. Love her projects.

Yoonanimous. She tells the best stories with such detail and I love her sense of humor.

Whatimuptotoday. Here you will find the best Friday lists and gorgeous pictures to go with the blog.

House of 34. The best DIY projects. She is very creative and detail oriented.

Pretty Little Things in a box. Just because she has pretty little things that she makes. I enjoyed her reading list also. She’s been nominated before I know and if I can’t nominate you again, just know I enjoy your blog

Feed Your Head. Very thought provoking. ”

Girl on the contrary. She is so quirky.

Pretty lady baby. Because she’s my baby. I got my first PrettyLadyBaby bag. She’s really getting good. She might one day be my favorite high end store BambiLeigh.

Daycare Chronicles. She just deep in her writing. I aspire to write so well.

Here are my questions.

What is your favorite word?

What is the one word that describes you the most?

What do you consider your strongest belief?

What is your secret indulgence?

What brings you peace?

What senses do you cherish the most?

If you could be a superhero what would your power be?

Why do you blog about your topic?

What’s one thing that you desire to have everyday?

What defines love to you?

Hope I did you proud BambiLeigh. Thanks again!

Until next time, keep wondering

Award Nomination

I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award via BambiLeigh. Thank you BambiLeigh for the nomination. You can check out her site here. http://BambiLeigh.wordpress.com/
She is quirky and humorous with an Esty Store of handmade minions.

Okay BambiLeigh, I hope I can do this right.

I was nominated for this award because she likes my blogs!!!! I have under 200 followers and she has 10 questions for me to answer. Let me tell you why it took me so long to snswer the questions first. If you read Comporium, I Holler At You, you know my Internet was down. Not the whole thing, just the download and streaming speed and my cable was out. Comporium came out yesterday and fixed everything in two minutes but I had to suffer for 5 days. Now on with the questions.

1) What is your main reason for blogging? I blog to get out of my own head. I have so much going on and I like talking to people. I am always thinking up new things and My daughter suggested I blog. Probably so I could stop calling her so much but it turns out, I like it.

2) Your favorite high street store? I’m afraid to answer that one. It would really tell you how low scale I am.

3) My inspiration? Peace, to create peace and maintain peace.

4) The best thing that’s happened since you started blogging? I’ve met new people with new discoveries. I’ve got friends in England, Singapore and Maine, Oregon and other places close to home. All of the bloggers are crafty and have great stories to tell.

5) Your favorite holiday destination? My favorite is Pennsylvania at Christmas. No matter how far you roam or for how long, there’s no place like home for christmas. It’s the only time I get together with all my family.

6) Your all time favorite song? Lean on Me by Bill Withers.

7) Your “go to” outfit? All off-white linen in warm weather, wool in cold weather. It shakes up everybody who is use to seeing me in black.

8) The most you ever spent on clothing/footwear/accessories? Wow. I bought a pair or orange shoes for $300 that only matched an orange dress I owned. I just had to have them. My dog went through my closet of about 200 pairs of shoes and tore just them apart. A valuable lesson learned.

9) What’s your biggest quirk? That I fine. Humor in everything! Most people don’t think everything is funny.

10) The blogger that inspires you the most? Yoonanimous. She is soooo funny. She patiently tells her story in full detail. It like your talking to her and she anticipates your reaction.

Now I have to nominate 10 bloggers and ask them 10 questions. But I’m going to publish this now and I will add my nominees after I get back from the playground. BambiLeigh let me know if this did not link back to you. Truth is, I need Prettyladybaby to tell me how to do all this tech stuff and she’s at school today.

Comporium Cable – I Holler at You

I didn’t want to say the other “H” word but I’m really feeling it today. How’s about I upgraded my cable just to have my Internet knocked out. Oh I can get access it but it just keeps loading so I can’t go anywhere anytime soon. I was nominated for a blogger award by way of Bambileigh and can’t answer it. My first nomination at that. Let me tell you why I upgraded.

A year ago when we moved to Rock Hill and I was devastated to learn that my Uverse cable wouldn’t transfer (almost a deal breaker) we joined up with Comporium. The only cable company in York County. I could have gone with Direct tv except that we are feuding from 2009 and I swore I would never use them again. I realize now that I hurt myself with that one! Reminder, never say never.

Anyway, Comporium told me that video on demand was coming. A year later after I get a message that my cable was increasing because we are getting HBO on demand I was pissed but excited it was finally coming even with an extra price. I waited for the start and when it didn’t happen I called Comporium. Their response, ” You have to upgrade your box because you have fiber optic and you can’t get video on demand”. Well boshieky mostafa as my sister would say. When were they gonna tell me that bit of information. I hung up the phone. Two weeks later I go to them and ask that question again and because I wasn’t speaking the lingo of technology they tried to act like I I didn’t know what I was talking about. Somehow that sounds accurate but they knew what I was trying to say.

Anyway I got down to the bottom line by saying, “I want more bang for my bucks!!” That was understood. Enters the new home DVR device. Which is my old Uverse system, almost. I’m ranting but I’m a serious tv watcher, it’s all I got. Anyway, the new system is supposed to allow me to record on any tv and watch what I recorded on any tv up to five recordings at any given time. Okay now we are talking. The new system is supposed to let me selected videos from a massive library of prerecorded video. Okay, but it is not as massive as they claim, but okay. And guess what? The new system is less expensive than what I had. Why don’t companies advise their clients when they add new programs that might help are advanced. Maybe I need to watch the comporium solutions channel sometimes. Okay so I order the new system and have it installed. As the technician is demonstrating all that the new system can do I ask about HBO on demand that I might add I’m paying for. He calls Comporium because we can’t seem to find the channel. You know what they said, ” It’s coming!”

And my Internet is out!!!!!!!

Comporium I holler at you !!!!!

Until next time, keep wondering.

Love/hate kinda thing

First day of school. I hate it for them but I love having the house to myself for a moment. I love listening to all the goings on in their day but I hate the homework they bring home, for them that is. I hate that the days are getting shorter but I love that bedtime comes sooner. I love the cooler weather but I hate that I’ll need my coat soon. I hate that it seems to be fall as soon as you say school starts but I lovvvvvvve fall. It’s my favorite time of year.

Geocaching, not for chickens

Hello fellow wonderers:

Back from our great explorations from over the weekend add one day of rest and another day to get in my head how to explain our road trip.

First I would like to thank Bilo Supermarket for having fuel perk points because gas was only $2.30 a gallon. That’s means a lot when your driving around wasting gas.

Second, let me thank my husband for eating leftovers for dinner Friday. He called them leftovers because I cooked dinner on Thursday but I didn’t think that was left overs because I cooked it Thursday, he didn’t eat any of it Thursday. Technically I just cooked dinner 12 hours earlier than usual. But that’s another story for another day.

Our trip went like this, at least my version that is.

For the remainder of summer, ( 10 days that is), I decided Alex and I would try geo caching. It is supposed to be one word but my correction thingy keeps separating it so I’m going to go with it. Caching is an GPS/Internet game where you are given coordinates and you go there and find the cache and log you were there and/or take a trinket and leave one for the next person. Got it?
It’s free to sign up for a basic membership if you are interested at http://www.geocaching.com.

We were given the coordinates of N34• 58.778 W 081• 03.959 which after a fair amount of time lead us to a field outside of Bryant Airport. We get out of the car and start pacing in the direction the GPS advised when Alex notices the grass is getting taller and he promptly asked me, “Did you bring bug spray?”

Of course I didn’t, I didn’t know where we were going either. We walk a few feet further when he states, “I’m not going in there Mom Mom. There might be snakes. We banter back and forth for a few minutes trying to decide who is going first in the wild unknown. I say, “Alex, your supposed to be a boy. Boys like to explore in tall grass and swamps and things like that. I know your not afraid. He replies, “And your supposed to be a grown up and not be afraid. Good point!

We stand around for a few minutes looking to see if we can see the cache from where the invisible lines are cautioning us not to cross when an airport employee in a golf cart asks us if we needed help. I explain to him what we are doing and why we are stalling when he tell us the grass cutting schedule.

Did we find our cache? No not yet, we will go back Tuesday after the grass is cut Monday.

So what do chickens do while on a road trip you might wonder? We go shopping! We hit Old Navy, GameStop, Target, Office Depot. I even got into the GoodWill Store in North Carolina where another lady took a table I wanted. But there’s always another good buy somewhere in the world.

But Alex and I are not giving up. We are going to go out again tomorrow with all the required gear. Long sleeves and long pants, hat, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, a stick and Grandpop to go first!

Until next time, keep wondering.

Today’s Surprise

Road Trip!!!!!!! Destinations Unknown!

Good morning fellow wonderers:

This morning Alex and I are going on a road trip. We’ve set the GPS, packed the water and filled up the gas tank. We don’t know where the coordinates are going to take us but I’m sure we will find something interesting.

I used to love taking these trips with my kids. Back then we didn’t have GPS to guide us. I would just be lost and to not upset my babies, I would turn it into an adventure. Isn’t technology great. Road trip with a twist.

Everyone have a great Saturday morning. We’re Off!!!!!!!

Until we return, keep wondering.

Empty garage

Hello fellow wonderers!

I bet your wondering what I’ve been up to since I emptied my garage at the community yard sale. Well, first I had to take a picture of the empty space (to serve as a reminder when hubby starts complaining). Becaussssseee, I’ve been on a treasure hunt and here is what I’ve found.



Don’t you just love them! I’m so excited. They are going to look great in my office!

Life Lessons at a Yard Sale

Hello fellow wonderers:

I did so much over the weekend and I have to tell you about our community yard sale. The subdivision has an annual yard sale. We missed it last year because we did not know about it. I had my eyes on alert for the notice this year and I was ready.

First let me state, I am not a yard sale person. I like to go junking as my pops would say but I don’t want to pay for it. But since, if you Remember, the caution tape is up and I have to get rid of some things. My daughter and her daughter’s other Grandmom (Big G) wanted to have the yard sale and I agreed if they sold my things also. My part was to straighten up the garage and I cleaned and oiled the bamboo papasan chairs for the sale.

Two days before the sale my daughter wanted to know why I did not want to do the sale. Here are my reasons(rules):
1. It is too hot to be in the garage and even hotter outside the garage.
2. Hagglers are not always sincere.
3. There is a reason people are selling that particular item.
4. If more than one person is in charge, conflict is pending.

The yard sale was to started at 8 a.m. I watched cars zooming up and down the street starting at 6 a.m., but Big G did not arrive until 8:30a.m. My child was getting mad because she wanted to open the garage early without her partner but there were no prices on anything and I knew that would be a problem so I made her wait. My chairs sold at 8:39 a.m. and I was gone ~ to the other yard sales.


With $40 in my hand Alex and I went Around the neighborhood. His money was burning a hole in his hand and he kept walking off to the next house. Me I was talking to everybody and looking through their stuff looking for something unusual but did not buy a thing. I guess all the good stuff was being acquired at 6 a.m. By the time I caught up with Alex for $5 he had brought a digital portable color television to put in his clubhouse that hasn’t been built yet. He came to me complaining it didn’t work to good and he tried to take it back but my neighbor said, “no refund”. Rule 3 there is a reason That item was out there. I was proud of him for trying. My children would have just threw it away without even muttering a complaint. He at least wanted his money back.

Rule 2 hagglers are not always sincere. I asked my neighbor to let him trade it back for something else she had worth $5 or less. She rolled her eyes at me and repeated no refunds. I tried to console him by doing an auto tune which yielded 3 channels. He might can get more channels if he can get cable in his fantasy clubhouse. Lesson learned-plug in the electronics at the site before you buy.

Around 12 When I got back to my house, the look on Nena’s face told the whole story. She was fed up with all of it. Rule 1 she was hot and aggravated. Rule 2 No matter what price she quoted they wanted to negotiate. There was a brand new Calvin Klein denim jacket with the price tag still on it that Nena was asking $4 a women wanted to give her .50. Rule 4 Every time she had a sale Big G wanted half the proceeds. Lesson learned, you have to negotiate the terms of your partnership before an event. I stayed out of that one because after all, everyone made a little profit and had some fun at our first yard sale.

I wondered if Nena would do it next year and she replied, “Yes. Alone”. I’m glad she did not become totally turned off by the experience. I’m sure the caution tape will go up again and she can sell my junk. Until then, I hurried up and moved my car into the garage to hold my empty space.

What’s wrong with the word “that”.

Happy Sunday Fellow Wonderers:

When I was a college freshmen my English professor red marked an entire paper I had written because of my use of the word that. At the time I was upset about having to rewrite my paper. The challenge was to not use the word that. Of course I was able to do it and subsequently have not used the word much since. But what’s wrong with the word that!

It’s such an expressive word in its own right. You can say so much with little said. I like that. That’s great! I want that. What’s that? That, that, that, that!

I guess it’s a word I like and I’m going to start using it again. It’s not a descriptive word but since I usually have to explain myself anyway, that’s enough!

I’ll say, “That’s nice”, and if someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about then I will explain.

Until next time, keep wondering.