My Award nominees

I will have to change the criteria a little. I only follow about 10 bloggers at this point and I’m not sure if you can nominate anyone who has already been nominated or if the nominees have more than 200 followers, so I am going to nominate the blogs I love and you guys will need to govern yourselves accordingly. Here goes……

My nominations are:

Contoursoflife, A journey called life in first person because writes so eloquently and honest.

Passing down crazy. Love her projects.

Yoonanimous. She tells the best stories with such detail and I love her sense of humor.

Whatimuptotoday. Here you will find the best Friday lists and gorgeous pictures to go with the blog.

House of 34. The best DIY projects. She is very creative and detail oriented.

Pretty Little Things in a box. Just because she has pretty little things that she makes. I enjoyed her reading list also. She’s been nominated before I know and if I can’t nominate you again, just know I enjoy your blog

Feed Your Head. Very thought provoking. ”

Girl on the contrary. She is so quirky.

Pretty lady baby. Because she’s my baby. I got my first PrettyLadyBaby bag. She’s really getting good. She might one day be my favorite high end store BambiLeigh.

Daycare Chronicles. She just deep in her writing. I aspire to write so well.

Here are my questions.

What is your favorite word?

What is the one word that describes you the most?

What do you consider your strongest belief?

What is your secret indulgence?

What brings you peace?

What senses do you cherish the most?

If you could be a superhero what would your power be?

Why do you blog about your topic?

What’s one thing that you desire to have everyday?

What defines love to you?

Hope I did you proud BambiLeigh. Thanks again!

Until next time, keep wondering

11 thoughts on “My Award nominees

  1. This is how I link. When I am blogging there is a icon in blue that is underlined that says “link”. I select it and make a link box appears. I haven’t used the first box yet but the second box “link URL” I type in your my link’s address and select insert. And I figured it out by myself. ;D

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