What’s wrong with the word “that”.

Happy Sunday Fellow Wonderers:

When I was a college freshmen my English professor red marked an entire paper I had written because of my use of the word that. At the time I was upset about having to rewrite my paper. The challenge was to not use the word that. Of course I was able to do it and subsequently have not used the word much since. But what’s wrong with the word that!

It’s such an expressive word in its own right. You can say so much with little said. I like that. That’s great! I want that. What’s that? That, that, that, that!

I guess it’s a word I like and I’m going to start using it again. It’s not a descriptive word but since I usually have to explain myself anyway, that’s enough!

I’ll say, “That’s nice”, and if someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about then I will explain.

Until next time, keep wondering.

3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the word “that”.

  1. lol the only time I don’t like “that” is when it should be “who” which is one of my pet peeves about professional (as in PAID) writers. Example:

    There are people THATdon’t even notice these things. I much prefer people WHO do notice these things. 🙂

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