Masking Reactions

Good evening Wonderers:

Yesterday I was out riding around on an essential nonessential trip. You know, post office; recycling center (because we don’t have city pickup where I live); and hey while I was out, a run for Chinese food. When I looked around the only masked person was me. It felt like I was in a foreign land. There were hardly no cars on the road. I could see signs posted that businesses were closed or only the drive thru was open. I was oblivious to my current situation until I thought to myself, “Don’t tell anybody you went out the house.”

That is when reality hit and jolted me back to my senses. It appears that even when you are living on the right side of right you are really on the wrong side of wrong. I was doing a good thing going to the post office but what about the person who has to deliver the mail or if I were to get sick. It is all of our responsibility to look after as many people as we can wherever we are and in the scheme of things it wasn’t worth it. And what kind of example was I making for the children. I’m constantly talking about obeying the rules when I was the one out breaking them. And too think I had spent most of the day watching MSNBC and listening to the heart wrenching testimonies of families effected by this pandemic. My heart goes out to them all. We all will bare witness to what is happening here and it was hard admitting to my child that I went to the post office. I tried to avoid the conversation but she knows me too well and became hysterical. It was not worth it.

So today I stayed in. For all of you who have essential jobs, thank you for all you do today. I am praying for you. For those who can stay home, be grateful and help where you can. Prayers go along way. Pray without ceasing that this too shall pass. Pray for God to heal our lands.

Whereabouts Unknown

Thank you for perusing and good night.

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