Back Scratcher

Good Morning Wonders!

It’s Monday and I actually had some madness over the weekend that I need to share.

I have a back scratcher “The Bearclaw!” but I didn’t know it’s full potential. I bought it at Walgreens 2 years ago just because I liked the way it looked. Having capsulitis I can’t always lift my shoulders and definitely can’t rotate them at will, so this little tool was needed.

Well Saturday while the carpet was being vacuumed I noticed it wasn’t picking up anything. Why would it? Kids don’t pick up anything on the floor they just think the vacuum destroys things like the garage disposal does with limitations. Anyway as I was clearing out the sock,, Legos and dog hairs, the more you pull out the deeper you must go. I used a Pencil, toothbrush, comb end, hanger ( tried it but the bent end deterred my efforts.). I looked around and finally I saw something that I thought would reach, The Back Scratcher!


I was digging and digging and when I went to pull it out, well, it got stuck. I gave it another pull and what? The arm extended. What? I didn’t know that. All this time I’ve been using it to just get to my bra strap and I could have scratched my whole back. I could have gone over my shoulder and scratched my butt if I wanted too. I’m such a dork! Have could I’ve not known. Now the super back scratcher, my new favorite tool is so becoming and has multiple uses.

I’ve used it to reach in and get clothes out of the dryer. Sssh, don’t tell the hubby I still need the pedestal for my washer and dryer. It hurts to extend my shoulder and reach into the back of the dryer. I’m convinced if it was on a pedestal I would be waist level to the opening and then could reach my whole torso into the dryer. That would be better until my back goes out. But I’ve been saved at least for now by my handy back scratcher.

I also used to to change the time on my wall clock.


Now it doesn’t have to be right 50% of the time.

Wonderers I’ll get back to you on all the other things my back scratcher can do. Alex thinks I’m Inspector Gadget. I’ll have to watch the reruns, I’m not sure if that a compliment or not.

Well I’m off to art camp. 🙂
Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

Mundy Madness – a Thanks Mom

Good Morning Wonderers!

I was thinking I needed to thank my mom for all the things she put on me because her mother put them on her. I’m talking about the things that bring me unnecessary stress. The things that make other people think I’m overwhelming at times and definitely a tyrant.

Thank you Mom for raising me to believe my house has to be clean bringing in the new year. Yes Mom, I cleaned out my shoe closet , my clothes closet, my night stand drawers. I dusted and vacuumed my room and cleaned my bathroom. You would be proud. While I was at it, I rearranged the furniture too and got everything up from under the bed.

Thank you Mom for saying all your laundry had to be done bringing in the new year or otherwise you will be washing clothes all year. I dispelled that one last year lady and called my girls and told them that one is a myth. But habit is habit, I washed all the clothes anyway and swept and mopped the laundry room floor.

I cleaned out the refrigerator Mom and went grocery shopping for collard greens, black eye peas and rice. We have to have that and EVERYONE has to eat it for the household to have good luck and plenty of money. Alex, your holding us back buddy. We might have hit that Megabuck by now if you would just eat your share of black eye peas. You have to do better buddy!

I don’t have the energy to rant with the grown folks around here about cleaning their rooms but you guys better have your bedroom doors shut when the new year rolls through the house! And clean your bathrooms! I mean it!!!!

Okay wonders, I hope your ready for the new year and that your homes will continue to be blessed. I want to extend a Happy New Year to all of you! I am definitely having my last surgery for the year this morning and will see you guys in the new year. As always, thanks for perusing and until next time, keep wondering.

Oh and by the way, y’all can visit me, my house is clean! (thanks Mom, I love you)

Mundy Madness – 90%

Good Morning Wonders

Of course it’s Monday and before I go to physical therapy today and can’t lift my arm, I’m going to tell my story about Physical Therapy, of course.

Well you guys know I had surgery on my knee November 1st and this time the surgeon ordered physical therapy because my leg didn’t heal correctly from the last surgery and I kept telling my doctor he didn’t put my leg back on straight so he wasn’t taking any chances on letting me rehab myself this time. There is one thing you need to know about physical therapy. How to articulate your pain level.

My therapist is great. Her name is Janie and she puts me through it. I feel like I’m training for the Olympics. I started out going to training for my knee but now I also go for my shoulder. Turns out I have a frozen shoulder. When she asked me how long I hadn’t been able to lift my arm and I said, *April* , she laughed at me. Apparently I injured it on vacation (go figure) but I thought it was strained and would work itself out. The doctor said it would in about 1-2 years with no help and he offered a steroid shot or physical therapy. I opted for the therapy. Oh well, Another thing I can chalk up to being 50. I use to strain things, let it rest and be good as new in a couple weeks. Now 6 months later I’m just beginning to thaw.

Anyway, when addressing my pain level I said, ” 7 but it’s okay.”
Janie said, “Seven is okay, Denise?” She said it like getting punched in the face didn’t hurt. Like it did not make sense to her. I meant it like it hurts but I can tolerate it because I take Alleve morning and night. Enough to relieve the pain that I can get through the day but not enough that I go out and do something stupid like go roller skating on a torn meniscus. Yeah I’m guilty of that! That why I try to stay off the prescribed stuff. It either makes me sleepy or stupid. I don’t have a high threshold for pain so I have to maintain a level of integrity.

So on the right side of my body I’m having therapy on my shoulder and knee. The knee is doing great, the shoulder not so great. Janie wants to send me back to the doctor to have my shoulder manipulated. I questioned if that was when they gave you a steroid shot? She said, “No, that’s when they put you to sleep, open your arm up and break up all the scar tissue. It’s very painful!” My answer to that, ” What else you got!”

I’ve done a lot of reading on adhesive capsulitis and I think 90% range of motion will have to do for now. After all I have to preserve my painting arm. I’m just getting started.

30 days results are in

Okay fellow wonders. The results are in. I wanted to give you the full Monty on my 30 day challenge with Betty Rocker so I went to see my doctor to check my glucose levels and everything else. I lost a total of 3 lbs by her scale but that was also with my shoes and clothes on. At home without everything on 7 lbs.

I started the challenge on July 1st. It was suggested to me by GirlontheContrary, a fellow blogger I follow. There was nothing special you had to buy to start, just download some exercise video once a week. The exercise progressed every week even though I didn’t, I stayed mostly at week 1. I didn’t want to aggravate my back in the process. Now I started with my family that wimped out on me at week 3. There were 7 exercises that you only had to do for a minute 3-5 sets, three times a week. Betty encourages you to work At your pace so the first week I could only do one set but not every exercise for the whole minute. Sad to say I only did one set the whole 4 weeks, but I did also walk around too. The 7 exercises were 1 body squats, 2 pushups, 3 lunges, 4 elbow plank, 5 static v sit, 6 knee kicks, 7 downward dog. I can’t download the exercise but you can access her on The hardest one was the downward dog. Every day I said when I get this one, I’m gonna be skinnnnnnnnny. I still can’t do it right. I think my legs are too long. It just doesn’t look quite right. Mines looks like the “Lean Dog Lean”. And you know I’m up to 15 pushups before I hit the floor. The others I can get through except my static v is very staticity if that’s a word.

The diet side is all about clean eating. I’ve got that down pretty good. I mostly cook clean already because of diabetes. What I started was the green shakes. I think I told y’all about them. I’ve been drinking one every morning and I think it has contributed greatly to my weight lost. It is just spinach or kale in the blender with 6 ounces of water. I use spinach because it blends easier and usually any combination of fruit and vegetables you can think of. My favorite combo was spinach, banana, kiwi with celery and cucumbers. That’s it. Betty also recommends a protein powder but I didn’t use any. When I read all the cautions I was too scared. The shakes don’t really have a good flavor but it wasn’t nasty either. It was mostly like drinking water. Not the drink you wanted but the one you need most.

Now I told you I went for my checkup yesterday and it turns out my protein levels were too low. With all the medicines I take, it affected my equilibrium. I almost had to make a trip to the looney bin. Yeah, I had been yelling and feeling anxious this last week but I just chalked it up to everybody having no place to go and me being trapped with them. But with a little biofeedback and some sleep I feel better. I quess I should have used the protein powder. Overall my checkup was great. Doctor gave me holy heck about starting an exercise program without consulting my
Physician first. I know better, I just didn’t think clean eating would hurt me. It sure would have helped the diet part if I had talked to her before I started the challenge. She likes the idea of the green shakes she just wants me to have some bacon with it.

Oh, what you say. She said Greek yogurt is a better protein.

Until next time, keep wondering

Closing 30 day challenge

Well my 30 day challenge is up tomorrow. I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my before and after shots. I think I look firmer. I definitely feel stronger. I know I can do all the exercise from week 1. I’ve gotten used to the green shake flavor. Green shake is spinach with any other fruit/veggie medley. My favorite is spinach, banana, celery and blueberries. I’ve drank one combination every day for the last 29 days and I think I will continue on with that one.

After tomorrow I will write all about the whole experience. I just wanted to get the picture out of the way because the sponsor wanted to see our results.