Today’s Surprise

Road Trip!!!!!!! Destinations Unknown!

Good morning fellow wonderers:

This morning Alex and I are going on a road trip. We’ve set the GPS, packed the water and filled up the gas tank. We don’t know where the coordinates are going to take us but I’m sure we will find something interesting.

I used to love taking these trips with my kids. Back then we didn’t have GPS to guide us. I would just be lost and to not upset my babies, I would turn it into an adventure. Isn’t technology great. Road trip with a twist.

Everyone have a great Saturday morning. We’re Off!!!!!!!

Until we return, keep wondering.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Surprise

  1. Have fun! We used to go on Sunday drives with my mom when we were kids (and gas was 25 cents a gallon) and TRY to get lost exploring. It was lots of fun. Glad you and Alex get to do this kind of thing, too.

    • Good morning. My mom used to wakes us up in the middle of the night and drive to an undisclosed location. We would check into a motel and have a day adventure and shopping. We never knew when or what she had planned but they were always fun.

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