Geocaching, not for chickens

Hello fellow wonderers:

Back from our great explorations from over the weekend add one day of rest and another day to get in my head how to explain our road trip.

First I would like to thank Bilo Supermarket for having fuel perk points because gas was only $2.30 a gallon. That’s means a lot when your driving around wasting gas.

Second, let me thank my husband for eating leftovers for dinner Friday. He called them leftovers because I cooked dinner on Thursday but I didn’t think that was left overs because I cooked it Thursday, he didn’t eat any of it Thursday. Technically I just cooked dinner 12 hours earlier than usual. But that’s another story for another day.

Our trip went like this, at least my version that is.

For the remainder of summer, ( 10 days that is), I decided Alex and I would try geo caching. It is supposed to be one word but my correction thingy keeps separating it so I’m going to go with it. Caching is an GPS/Internet game where you are given coordinates and you go there and find the cache and log you were there and/or take a trinket and leave one for the next person. Got it?
It’s free to sign up for a basic membership if you are interested at

We were given the coordinates of N34• 58.778 W 081• 03.959 which after a fair amount of time lead us to a field outside of Bryant Airport. We get out of the car and start pacing in the direction the GPS advised when Alex notices the grass is getting taller and he promptly asked me, “Did you bring bug spray?”

Of course I didn’t, I didn’t know where we were going either. We walk a few feet further when he states, “I’m not going in there Mom Mom. There might be snakes. We banter back and forth for a few minutes trying to decide who is going first in the wild unknown. I say, “Alex, your supposed to be a boy. Boys like to explore in tall grass and swamps and things like that. I know your not afraid. He replies, “And your supposed to be a grown up and not be afraid. Good point!

We stand around for a few minutes looking to see if we can see the cache from where the invisible lines are cautioning us not to cross when an airport employee in a golf cart asks us if we needed help. I explain to him what we are doing and why we are stalling when he tell us the grass cutting schedule.

Did we find our cache? No not yet, we will go back Tuesday after the grass is cut Monday.

So what do chickens do while on a road trip you might wonder? We go shopping! We hit Old Navy, GameStop, Target, Office Depot. I even got into the GoodWill Store in North Carolina where another lady took a table I wanted. But there’s always another good buy somewhere in the world.

But Alex and I are not giving up. We are going to go out again tomorrow with all the required gear. Long sleeves and long pants, hat, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, a stick and Grandpop to go first!

Until next time, keep wondering.

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