A Fitting Ending

Yesterday the boy graduated from high school. Congratulations to him! Congratulations to us for supporting his efforts throughout his school career let alone, his high school season. It was fitting that it ended on a Thursday. Just like it all started on a Thursday. Our time together, just him and me, in the midst of our family. Our one on one time—Thursday morning at the Waffle House for breakfast.

It started in elementary school. Me vying for my place in his world. He always wanted to be with his Pop. He only allowed me to grace his thoughts when he needed something or when I had to discipline him, which was often and never fun. He was relentless Pop used to say and laugh. It was trying for me I wanted to be the fun parent. The one you wanted to be with when you were having the time of your life. No I was the one who took care of his needs. So me and the boy started sneaking out for waffles on Thursday mornings. Just a little thing I did to let him know he was doing a good job at school. That he was getting his assignments turned in on time. Believe me that was a struggle all the way to the end. But most importantly, the outing was a time to get to know him and express my love for him and let him know how much he was loved by his family.

Years went by with me feeling like I was the enemy. Pushing him forward, pulling him gently through the dark days. Yelling screaming and crying sometimes when he didn’t think things were important. He always did his work but turning it in was a different issue. When Pop passed he lost his best friend. Not a void I could fill. All I had was Waffle House Thursday. Now I also included with the syrup, how proud Pop would be of the work he was doing.

Now here we are on Graduation Day. A COVID-19 social distancing ceremony which was phenomenal and nothing like anything I have ever seen. Picture this. It was at a drive-in movie. The individual graduates on the big screen for their 15 seconds of fame. Their big debut for the next chapter released into the universe. Their thought provoking speeches, their smiles as they crossed the screen as cars honked their horns in congratulations, their big day not forsaken.

Social Responsibility

I watched the boy walk across the stage in his “big man stroll”. Face masked in an effort to be socially responsible and I realized I was a part of that. We all did our part to bring him to this moment.

After the ceremony he was so proud of himself. Just him and me talking about the ceremony and him relaying how much he enjoyed his graduation. Then out of the blue he asked, “Mom, can you make me some waffles?”

So I say, it was fitting that it ended on a Thursday, the same day of the week it all began. It was fitting the day ended with him and me eating waffles even though the Waffle House is closed for quarantine. It was fitting that I was given the assurance that me fighting for my time with him made a difference in his life. It is fitting it ended just me and him in the midst of all our family dynamics.

Wonderers, please keep praying for him and all the graduates of the Class of 2020.

Thanks for perusing and have a wonderful day.

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