Award Nomination

I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award via BambiLeigh. Thank you BambiLeigh for the nomination. You can check out her site here.
She is quirky and humorous with an Esty Store of handmade minions.

Okay BambiLeigh, I hope I can do this right.

I was nominated for this award because she likes my blogs!!!! I have under 200 followers and she has 10 questions for me to answer. Let me tell you why it took me so long to snswer the questions first. If you read Comporium, I Holler At You, you know my Internet was down. Not the whole thing, just the download and streaming speed and my cable was out. Comporium came out yesterday and fixed everything in two minutes but I had to suffer for 5 days. Now on with the questions.

1) What is your main reason for blogging? I blog to get out of my own head. I have so much going on and I like talking to people. I am always thinking up new things and My daughter suggested I blog. Probably so I could stop calling her so much but it turns out, I like it.

2) Your favorite high street store? I’m afraid to answer that one. It would really tell you how low scale I am.

3) My inspiration? Peace, to create peace and maintain peace.

4) The best thing that’s happened since you started blogging? I’ve met new people with new discoveries. I’ve got friends in England, Singapore and Maine, Oregon and other places close to home. All of the bloggers are crafty and have great stories to tell.

5) Your favorite holiday destination? My favorite is Pennsylvania at Christmas. No matter how far you roam or for how long, there’s no place like home for christmas. It’s the only time I get together with all my family.

6) Your all time favorite song? Lean on Me by Bill Withers.

7) Your “go to” outfit? All off-white linen in warm weather, wool in cold weather. It shakes up everybody who is use to seeing me in black.

8) The most you ever spent on clothing/footwear/accessories? Wow. I bought a pair or orange shoes for $300 that only matched an orange dress I owned. I just had to have them. My dog went through my closet of about 200 pairs of shoes and tore just them apart. A valuable lesson learned.

9) What’s your biggest quirk? That I fine. Humor in everything! Most people don’t think everything is funny.

10) The blogger that inspires you the most? Yoonanimous. She is soooo funny. She patiently tells her story in full detail. It like your talking to her and she anticipates your reaction.

Now I have to nominate 10 bloggers and ask them 10 questions. But I’m going to publish this now and I will add my nominees after I get back from the playground. BambiLeigh let me know if this did not link back to you. Truth is, I need Prettyladybaby to tell me how to do all this tech stuff and she’s at school today.

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