Home Shopping

Hello Wonderers:

It’s a three day weekend and my husband has to work. So what’s a girl to do, you might be wondering? Shop of course. Unfortunately for me I have to shop at home because September is my anniversary and my birthday month so I dare not tamper with the budget in case there is a diamond on the horizon. Hint, hint.. 🙂 My friend salpal1 at whatimuptotoday.wordpress.com taught me how to create that smiley face.

So shopping at home means room update. This room is a clean slate because I have been conflicted about what colors to use. One of my favorite colors is red but I promised the hubby that I would not paint a room in the new house red since he allowed me to do it at the old house. The family room and dining room.


So here I am with all these beige walls. I was thinking blue but the inner me says RED.

Remember this table?


I have not done anything to it yet except I put a knob on the drawer and I moved it into the bathroom next to the mud room. I also gathered up some Liz Jardine poster prints I brought back in 2004 that have been rolled up on top of the china closet since. I didn’t remember them until we moved and they were discovered. I framed them about six months ago but they have been in the closet waiting for me to give up on blue. There is also a Charles Bibb calendar page I framed and hung in the room.


Some white towels from an upstairs bathroom and a plant from the livingroom and ta da I’ve done something with this space. Maybe my husband will like it and encourage me to paint the room red. But not this weekend!



Until next time, keep wondering and enjoy the weekend.

7 thoughts on “Home Shopping

  1. lol, thanks for the 🙂 credit. You can make frownies by replacing the ) with a ( by the way.

    House looks great, but clearly needs red. I can see that you feel about red the way that I feel about blue. I have had to work hard to not paint every room blue. But I have managed to get blue into every room. 🙂

    What builder neglected to put an outlet in the bathroom??????? Jeesh.

    • Thank you for the compliment. There actually is an outlet in there under the white towel near the sink but I need one over there by the table. In my mind see a lamp there.

      I’m learned some blog and text terms over the weekend. It’s sad I don’t know this stuff. I thought btw meant between I just found out its by-the-way.

      • it is a whole new language, isn’t it? There is still a lot I don’t know how to do. do you know OMG? 🙂 Oh my God. My nieces use it a lot. Where would we be without kids?

        …How about a candle lamp instead of an electric one?

      • 😦 I can give up on the diamond. He just bought me a new car in August. His words exactly when he heard my post, “your diamond is grounded in the platinum finish your driving around in”.

        I had to promise not to paint extreme colors because it was costly painting over the red when we sold our old house. Since we know we are going to downsize in about 6 years its best to keep the walls neutral. I have blues and browns upstairs for calmness and red and yellows downstairs for energy.

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