Bury all the words that may tempt you to a lower vibration.  For every word that also has a negative side to that exact word put in a box and have a funeral.

No longer will life be defined as being happy because it could lead to unhappy.  Instead replace it with Joy.

Walk into the sunlight singing “I got the joy, Joy, JOy, JOY down in my heart.  Join in!

Have a great day.


Into Every Life Rain Must Fall

Good morning Wonderers!

I hope you’ve got your coffee and are ready to hear a little of my madness. It’s been a while so please be patient with me. 

This summer being the great mom that I am, I purchased season passes to Carowinds, our local amusement park.  Let’s not stop there I also purchased the drink plan and meal plan.  Such a good mommy!  Like the mom who sprinkles flour on her face when she makes rice crispy treats. 😜 Really though I have loved saying several times a week I might add, “Let’s go the Carowinds for dinner!”   Every time-they react like it’s the first time I said it this season.   Mental note moms:  Children are so easy. 

Now let me inform you I am not the amusement park type. I am not really the wanna be outside in the heat type either. My idea of “Ruffin it” is continental breakfast at Holiday Inn Express. 😳 And I don’t do rides. I do eat all the snacks under the rides while I wait although I’m not supposed too.  Heck, if the lines are long enough, the world may never know!  It will be our secret.

On to why you’re here.   I decided there was a ride I wanted to try.  It’s a ride that goes to air traffic control height and it looks like a carousel in the sky.  My mission for the summer Wonderers!  I thought, I’ll have to ease my way into it.  J who is 6, wants to ride the swings. She just made the height chart and is super excited.   I thought this to be the first step to my victory.  She carefully selected her seat and waited for the ride to begin.  I just grabbed the first seat I came too.   I noticed she kept looking at me and I wondered if she was scared.  Maybe I should have sat next to her.  At lift off I was feeling a little panicky and when it started to swing I gripped the chains and started mumbling to Jesus.   I could hear J laughing. I tried to open my eyes to see if she was laughing at me but the roof of an adjacent building was coming at me so I shut my eyes again. I was whimpering like a baby.   I was really feeling anxious so I started praying for the Lord to stop the ride.   As the ride started to lower I gave up all claims to ride the big carousel in the sky.   My dream had been dashed and to make matters worst when the ride stopped and I opened my eyes my swing ramjacked the swing in front of me.   Only mines did that. Everyone else’s stopped on point. Maybe that was the insult of being on the kiddie ride. When it was time to get off J turned to me and said, “that’s why I get on the inside swing!   How humiliating!  She did see me shivering in the air.

At the next ride I stayed on the ground and got me a funnel cake with powder sugar, vanilla ice cream and strawberries.   I deserved it!  Just when I sat down to eat it, it started to rain.  Okay Derrick, okay God y’all got jokes.   I looked inside my healthy backpack and “ Shazam!”  Pulled out a ziplock bag!

Girl Scouts prepared me well.   If you can’t fly high at least be able to cover ground. Oh! I gonna have to put that on a flag or something.

Have a great Monday Wonderers and thanks for perusing.

Riddle Me This?


What is your super power? If you could pick out your cape what would you choose.

I want my superpower to be joy. I want to fly around the world spreading joy to everyone I meet.  ZAP -Touch a heart here.  POW -fill a void there.  BOOM -always with the power of God’s love.

Wonderers I challenge you to pick out the superpower you would use to serve God by serving humanity.  If you have no idea what it would be I leave these words with you to get you started. 

Philippians 4:8-9 

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” 

Thank you for perusing and I would love to hear about your choice. 

Until we meet again!

Girl Power

Hello Wonders:

“I’m off the friendship level”, he said. “I’m on the first level and I’m gonna keep changing levels until I’m on the girlfriend level. That will be when I’m in high school.” These are the words of my sixth grader first thing this morning. We had just sat down for breakfast. I hadn’t even had a chance to sip on my coffee and I must have had a look that made him feel I was perplexed because he said it again.

I asked the question of what is first level.

His response: I met a girl and I’m gonna get two passes for us to go to art class at lunch. We had lunch together and I like her and she likes to draw like me.

Okay, I understand.

Last semester he met a girl that liked music and played on the school orchestra. He joined the orchestra at the deadline and started playing the violin. Turns out he is pretty good at it. He is artistic but did not elect to have art as a class this year but he changed his roster to take art this semester for the new level interest.

Little does he know he has been on the first level for a while now. Last summer he learned to ride a bike from the little girl across the street. She is younger than he is but a girl just the same. At least six family members have been trying to teach him to ride for several years now but the little girl across the street gave him the confidence to let go of his fear.

While he was learning to swim, he held his breath, went under water and opened his eyes because the female life guard called him cute.

Dear Girls:

I thank you for encouraging my son to try new things. Please continue to use your girl powers for good and not evil. Be warned, if/when you start leading him unto a path of destruction, I will be there to thwart your efforts. Until that time, I love you.
His Mom

I think I have about another three years before I have to worry about the high school girlfriend because when he came home I asked him how his lunch date went. He replied, “It was okay but you’re still my best girl.

Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

Night Clarity


This is my time. I do most things this time of night. Housework, homework, special projects and I even watch my prime time television this time of night. I’m usually out like a light around 8 p.m. But 12-4 a.m. Is my alone time. Time to be by myself with no traffic running interference with my mind. But tonight is different wonderers. After a week of being by myself I realize I don’t really want to be alone. That is surprising to me because I have felt alone all of my life. Except for my immediate family, I really don’t interact socially outside of normal circumstances. I’m not saying I don’t socialize. I do within circles. Work people I socialize at work. Just to hang out with people has never been my thing. I’m always amazed when I leave a group of people and realize the impact I’ve made in that circle because I always feel like I’m outside of it all. I admire extroverted people but I’m not one of them. I’ve never felt the need to be with people for me but for them. If I can help someone that’s what I live for. But tonight, I feel alone.

When I get out of this room, I am seriously going to try to make a friend. I am going to open myself up to socializing more and allowing people to get to know me. I know I keep people in a box but I think it is time to broaden my personality and let down some walls. I am classified as the personality type of ISFJ – introverted sensing feeling judging, if you care to know a little about how I flow. You can check out your personality type at

So that’s me in the nutshell, wonderers. I’m naming 2014 as the year of reinventing or maybe I should say reinvesting myself. That’s fitting I think. 2013 was my resurrection year. I have physically and mentally been put back together and I think it is time to get back out there and do my thing.

My garage is empty. I missed all the end of the year dumpster diving and treasure hunting but my portrait class starts next week and I’m coming up on a year of blogging. So much to look forward too. I think it’s time for a creative giveaway. I will be working hard to come up with something worth sharing,

Until then, thanks for perusing and listening wonders and as always, keep wondering

Wanted: Domestic Engineer

Hello fellow wonderers and welcome new wonders. As usual, thank you for perusing my blog.

I met a young woman today and we got into a conversation about our children. At some point of the conversation I must of asked her what her profession was. I don’t remember asking but that doesn’t say much because I do tend to drift when people talk to me. But somewhere in the conversation, she announced she was a domestic engineer. Is that a new term? I hadn’t heard it before so I asked her what it was. She got offended and said again, “Domestic Engineer!” Call me stupid because I asked her where she worked. Again, but a little condescending, ” I’m a domestic engineer.”

This time it clicked. Oh, stay at home mom, housewife, unemployed. Gotcha!!

I’m socially sensitive so speaking from years of experience over her I had to tell her that being a mom is the most important job in the world. It is the hardest job in the world and I wished I could have just been that for my family. This time around just being a “MOM” is enough.

I gave her my phone number in case she wanted to have lunch sometime or arrange a play date. I wrote in out in her language. I put Denise, CEO. She laughed.

Mundy Madness – I feel cheated!

Hello Wonderers!

First let me apologize for leaving you in a lurch the past two weeks. I didn’t realize that my post two weeks ago didn’t post and last Monday I was under the knife so again no post. Which last week there is no telling what I might have told you. I seem to be in trouble from some of the things I said last week. What a waste of good drugs. People take things so seriously. I was in a drug induced high people, forgive me please.

Well speaking of seriously, I seriously think I have been robbed. I probably have no real claim to this, but Elf on a Shelf is my creation. I think somebody owes me a lot of money. This is my case.

Back in the 70’s the Christmas store windows would come alive in mechanical animation that my parents would take us to see at Sears and Roebucks. How I loved to go on that family outing. The scene in the window would come alive with lights and music and in the end you would see Santa.

My husband, back then boyfriend, worked in retail and in 1987 his store was throwing out the mechanical Christmas display and he brought home two elves as a surprise for me. Our son was born the following May and that first Christmas was the birth of the Mundy Magic of Christmas.

Every Christmas season my children would decorate the tree. All the ornaments and lights would be on the bottom of the tree, only as far as their little arms could reach. I would put these elves on the fireplace and tell my children stories about them. If they were good children the magic of Christmas would come. The elves were there to report back to Santa their conduct. Over the years the story elaborated further. The elves move around when everyone was sleep, they freeze in motion when the lights turn on, …etc. It got to be so serious my son would turn the elves around to face the wall when he was doing something bad. On Christmas Eve after they went to bed, I would dismantle the tree, put lights on it and fully decorate it while my family put together toys. I would then place those elves in a position that they got caught when the lights came on and Santa had to dash without them. Isn’t that my story, sort of? Seriously!!!!

I’ve been doing this for 25 years and looking at another 20 at least because none of my children have picked up the tradition. I have to keep it going for my grandchildren. I guess it’s possible that some body out there has an imagination like me. I guess I need to thank the creator and stop hating on that Target commercial that makes me scream when they mention it. I guess with a new generation of children all these other elves only bring credibility to my story.

I still think…… My elves are still cuter!