Mundy Madness – I feel cheated!

Hello Wonderers!

First let me apologize for leaving you in a lurch the past two weeks. I didn’t realize that my post two weeks ago didn’t post and last Monday I was under the knife so again no post. Which last week there is no telling what I might have told you. I seem to be in trouble from some of the things I said last week. What a waste of good drugs. People take things so seriously. I was in a drug induced high people, forgive me please.

Well speaking of seriously, I seriously think I have been robbed. I probably have no real claim to this, but Elf on a Shelf is my creation. I think somebody owes me a lot of money. This is my case.

Back in the 70’s the Christmas store windows would come alive in mechanical animation that my parents would take us to see at Sears and Roebucks. How I loved to go on that family outing. The scene in the window would come alive with lights and music and in the end you would see Santa.

My husband, back then boyfriend, worked in retail and in 1987 his store was throwing out the mechanical Christmas display and he brought home two elves as a surprise for me. Our son was born the following May and that first Christmas was the birth of the Mundy Magic of Christmas.

Every Christmas season my children would decorate the tree. All the ornaments and lights would be on the bottom of the tree, only as far as their little arms could reach. I would put these elves on the fireplace and tell my children stories about them. If they were good children the magic of Christmas would come. The elves were there to report back to Santa their conduct. Over the years the story elaborated further. The elves move around when everyone was sleep, they freeze in motion when the lights turn on, …etc. It got to be so serious my son would turn the elves around to face the wall when he was doing something bad. On Christmas Eve after they went to bed, I would dismantle the tree, put lights on it and fully decorate it while my family put together toys. I would then place those elves in a position that they got caught when the lights came on and Santa had to dash without them. Isn’t that my story, sort of? Seriously!!!!

I’ve been doing this for 25 years and looking at another 20 at least because none of my children have picked up the tradition. I have to keep it going for my grandchildren. I guess it’s possible that some body out there has an imagination like me. I guess I need to thank the creator and stop hating on that Target commercial that makes me scream when they mention it. I guess with a new generation of children all these other elves only bring credibility to my story.

I still think…… My elves are still cuter!




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