Good afternoon fellow wonderers:

My mom used to say, “keep it to yourself”.

I often wonder why the things we tell others flow so freely and other information we lock away indefinitely. I’m not one to keep secrets but I hid one from y’all recently. As you know I have been trying to break into the art world. I wanted to start by taking classes but every time I register for a class for some unforeseen reason the class is cancelled. I would be so excited I’d tell anybody who would listen that I was starting an art class only to be disappointed and then have to explain why I didn’t go. I seriously had the thought my classes were being cancelled because I told the secret. I really seriously thought I had broken some code of silence in the art world and some secret society had black listed my admission. So this time I didn’t blab it all over town. And today, yes this morning, the art gods gave me admission to their world. Dr. Bradley Sabelli’s Learn to Draw in 5 Easy Steps class actually started.


My instructor is not only an acclaimed artist in is own right, he is a member of the Catawba River Art Guild in which he invited me to join. Finally I am in the loop. But don’t tell anybody else my friend. I don’t want to jinx it.
I will definitely need more than 5 steps.

Feeling artsy!

Until next time, keep wondering.

6 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Super! I am glad you finally gto a class. My sister-in-law has been taking drawing and paiting classes a the local senior Center (for which she barely qualifies) and she is getting really good! they chose two of her paintings to hang in their show this fall, and she will be featured in their calendar for 2014. So anything is possible. And I bet, now that you are connected, you find classes with the next 5 steps. 🙂

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