Night Clarity


This is my time. I do most things this time of night. Housework, homework, special projects and I even watch my prime time television this time of night. I’m usually out like a light around 8 p.m. But 12-4 a.m. Is my alone time. Time to be by myself with no traffic running interference with my mind. But tonight is different wonderers. After a week of being by myself I realize I don’t really want to be alone. That is surprising to me because I have felt alone all of my life. Except for my immediate family, I really don’t interact socially outside of normal circumstances. I’m not saying I don’t socialize. I do within circles. Work people I socialize at work. Just to hang out with people has never been my thing. I’m always amazed when I leave a group of people and realize the impact I’ve made in that circle because I always feel like I’m outside of it all. I admire extroverted people but I’m not one of them. I’ve never felt the need to be with people for me but for them. If I can help someone that’s what I live for. But tonight, I feel alone.

When I get out of this room, I am seriously going to try to make a friend. I am going to open myself up to socializing more and allowing people to get to know me. I know I keep people in a box but I think it is time to broaden my personality and let down some walls. I am classified as the personality type of ISFJ – introverted sensing feeling judging, if you care to know a little about how I flow. You can check out your personality type at

So that’s me in the nutshell, wonderers. I’m naming 2014 as the year of reinventing or maybe I should say reinvesting myself. That’s fitting I think. 2013 was my resurrection year. I have physically and mentally been put back together and I think it is time to get back out there and do my thing.

My garage is empty. I missed all the end of the year dumpster diving and treasure hunting but my portrait class starts next week and I’m coming up on a year of blogging. So much to look forward too. I think it’s time for a creative giveaway. I will be working hard to come up with something worth sharing,

Until then, thanks for perusing and listening wonders and as always, keep wondering

8 thoughts on “Night Clarity

    • I have the same person I truly call my friend since 9th grade that transcends all my circles. I am blessed she approached me and made me her friend. Salpal you are a my blog friend and I am grateful for your acquaintance. Have a great day.

      • ::tears:: is that person – me??? luv ya girl. and to think, after I talked your ear off, you still considered listening to me the next day and for the past…..hmmmm – OMGosh 38 years! Geez……

      • I hear you. I had a friend since 1st grade, she was outgoing to the max, and did all the work of keeping us in touch after school. She died 4 years ago, and I miss her every day. I am glad yo ustill have your friend.

  1. I am a compartment person too. Work friends don’t really cross over to social. Since I retired a year & 1/2 ago, I realized,that my “social” circle is nearly non-existent,. I had to stretch to ‘make friends’ at quilt guild and at church. Often for days at a time, the only person I see is my husband. I enjoy getting out and meeting people, but don’t want to deal with their “junk”. Selfish I suppose. So, I will keep my circles small; with church and quilt guild; and see where it takes me. I have encountered several people thru my blog that I think of as friends, even though we have not met face to face. It is a big world, but very small when you think of our circles crossing over each other’s. Praying you are healing. Hoping your art class enriches your circles.

  2. Type of person that needs a lot of people around to be fulfilled. However I think I need to open a little. Blogging is a great choice for social activity. I have met some great people that I look to see. In fact Kerrie and I were asking after you yesterday. And I really enjoy my art guild and classmates. I can’t wait to get back to class.

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