30 days results are in

Okay fellow wonders. The results are in. I wanted to give you the full Monty on my 30 day challenge with Betty Rocker so I went to see my doctor to check my glucose levels and everything else. I lost a total of 3 lbs by her scale but that was also with my shoes and clothes on. At home without everything on 7 lbs.

I started the challenge on July 1st. It was suggested to me by GirlontheContrary, a fellow blogger I follow. There was nothing special you had to buy to start, just download some exercise video once a week. The exercise progressed every week even though I didn’t, I stayed mostly at week 1. I didn’t want to aggravate my back in the process. Now I started with my family that wimped out on me at week 3. There were 7 exercises that you only had to do for a minute 3-5 sets, three times a week. Betty encourages you to work At your pace so the first week I could only do one set but not every exercise for the whole minute. Sad to say I only did one set the whole 4 weeks, but I did also walk around too. The 7 exercises were 1 body squats, 2 pushups, 3 lunges, 4 elbow plank, 5 static v sit, 6 knee kicks, 7 downward dog. I can’t download the exercise but you can access her on http://fuel.thebettyrocker.com. The hardest one was the downward dog. Every day I said when I get this one, I’m gonna be skinnnnnnnnny. I still can’t do it right. I think my legs are too long. It just doesn’t look quite right. Mines looks like the “Lean Dog Lean”. And you know I’m up to 15 pushups before I hit the floor. The others I can get through except my static v is very staticity if that’s a word.

The diet side is all about clean eating. I’ve got that down pretty good. I mostly cook clean already because of diabetes. What I started was the green shakes. I think I told y’all about them. I’ve been drinking one every morning and I think it has contributed greatly to my weight lost. It is just spinach or kale in the blender with 6 ounces of water. I use spinach because it blends easier and usually any combination of fruit and vegetables you can think of. My favorite combo was spinach, banana, kiwi with celery and cucumbers. That’s it. Betty also recommends a protein powder but I didn’t use any. When I read all the cautions I was too scared. The shakes don’t really have a good flavor but it wasn’t nasty either. It was mostly like drinking water. Not the drink you wanted but the one you need most.

Now I told you I went for my checkup yesterday and it turns out my protein levels were too low. With all the medicines I take, it affected my equilibrium. I almost had to make a trip to the looney bin. Yeah, I had been yelling and feeling anxious this last week but I just chalked it up to everybody having no place to go and me being trapped with them. But with a little biofeedback and some sleep I feel better. I quess I should have used the protein powder. Overall my checkup was great. Doctor gave me holy heck about starting an exercise program without consulting my
Physician first. I know better, I just didn’t think clean eating would hurt me. It sure would have helped the diet part if I had talked to her before I started the challenge. She likes the idea of the green shakes she just wants me to have some bacon with it.

Oh, what you say. She said Greek yogurt is a better protein.

Until next time, keep wondering

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