Day 4 (30 day commitment)

Oh joy! I’m gonna change my challenge title to “The Better Eating” challenge because I’ve been eating some good food the last couple of days.

I told you day 1 I was hungry but I’ve overcome that obstacle. If I actually lose weight I’m gonna be surprised. I’ve decided not to weigh myself until the 30th day.

I’ve been following an emeals clean eating tutorial. It gives you the grocery list, recipe and time frames to prepare the meals. I actually bought it as a groupon back in January and I am just getting into it.

Here are two dinners I made this week.

Crab cakes with lemon sauce
>br />
And …
Chicken, Corn and Avocado Salad


I just might get an added benefit out of this challenge. I might become a gourmet chef! Just wondering.

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