The better health challenge (30 day commitment)

Okay folks as you know I started the 30 day challenge with Betty Rocker today. I did my healthy groceries shopping yesterday and drank plenty of water and rested all day Sunday. I set my circuit timer this morning and awaited instructions to get started.

At 7 a.m. I get the email and Betty is suggesting take a picture of how we look now. I say we because there are over 7000 people in this challenge. Well, I don’t take pictures regularly but because we didn’t have to post it decided I would do it.

Because I am such a good mom, I put my daughter and my husband on the challenge too. Of course my husband thinks I did it because I don’t want to cook several different meals because I’m eating one thing and their eating something different and you know what, he’s right! Everybody is on a clean eating diet. If I can do it they can too. As proof we had veggie Pitas for lunch with a slice of watermelon. Now I’m sitting here at the kitchen table drinking water because the nachos are calling me. I knew I should have bagged up all the junk food. Everybody must be feeling the same way because my husband is questioning whether he can have coffee and Nena is down here eating watermelon again.

Anyway, as a commitment I decided to post my picture for the challengers to see. After all, its my journey to better health and since it’s my journey I thought I’d post it for you too, in case your wondering if the challenge works!


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