Sitting here at Dunkin’ Donuts thinking about how Jesus saved my life while eating a donut and drinking coffee. I have a Doctor appointment in about an hour. It is not going to look good now. I thought it was to be earlier with fasting labs. I hadn’t eaten a thing since yesterday evening. I was ready. Turns out I was early and I am to go back later. I needed to get something to eat to cover all the insulin I injected earlier. So here I sit while sugar ooze through my veins thinking about how Jesus saved my life.

This is a testimony on how we don’t pay attention to our own sins. It just came to mind how ungrateful this act is. Intentionally, unintentionally everything we do counts. It just started out as having a donut. That simple, the adversary got me to do harm to myself. I’m not going to dwell on it. I messed up. I’m going to pray over it and move on.


Thank you for convicting me and blessing me. Please forgive me for my arrogance and ignorance. In not really thinking about it, I took a chance on possibly damaging my body causing an early ending to my life. Forgive me for not thinking of your perfect will for my life. Forgive me for not thinking of my family. Forgive me for not cooperating with the medical team you laid out for me to be healed. Forgive me for not showing courage and strength when the adversary tempted me. Lord, I love you and I will do better. The victory belongs to you Lord. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

I invited you into my day to hopefully show how easily we can be tempted. We need to be watchful at all times. How can we serve God’s will on this earth if we are not ready and able to serve. What is your weakness?

Glory be to God for giving me the courage to write this message.


Priority #1

Okay, how about this. For the last 25 years I’ve had become relatively sedative. Trying to lay low, stay calm, not over exert myself because my body doesn’t respond well under extreme pressure. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure drops and I pass out. However I have lived with it so well that I basically was doing whatever I pleased within my set limits and I hadn’t had any episodes since 2004. So I thought I had it beat. Other than diabetes, I’m pretty healthy because I work hard to stay in control.

March 2012, i started having difficulty with the diabetes and I required an emergency surgery. I discovered I also have a hernia that they didn’t want to touch at the time. Recovery from the surgery was easy but guess what, the fainting spells came back with a vengeance. Now all of these symptoms I had over the years fall into one category, Marfan syndrome. The good news is since I’ve been dealing with the symptoms since I was a teen, I already have a great team of doctors in place. The only thing that has changed is I no longer have to say I have this, I have that, I can just say Marfan.

What I need now is a network of resources for diabetes, Marfan syndrome and the 50 years woman syndrome ;D. I can’t say that one out loud for fear of promoting some new symptoms. Lets deal with what I already got going on for now. Until next time ….. Keep wondering.