Mundy Madness – a Thanks Mom

Good Morning Wonderers!

I was thinking I needed to thank my mom for all the things she put on me because her mother put them on her. I’m talking about the things that bring me unnecessary stress. The things that make other people think I’m overwhelming at times and definitely a tyrant.

Thank you Mom for raising me to believe my house has to be clean bringing in the new year. Yes Mom, I cleaned out my shoe closet , my clothes closet, my night stand drawers. I dusted and vacuumed my room and cleaned my bathroom. You would be proud. While I was at it, I rearranged the furniture too and got everything up from under the bed.

Thank you Mom for saying all your laundry had to be done bringing in the new year or otherwise you will be washing clothes all year. I dispelled that one last year lady and called my girls and told them that one is a myth. But habit is habit, I washed all the clothes anyway and swept and mopped the laundry room floor.

I cleaned out the refrigerator Mom and went grocery shopping for collard greens, black eye peas and rice. We have to have that and EVERYONE has to eat it for the household to have good luck and plenty of money. Alex, your holding us back buddy. We might have hit that Megabuck by now if you would just eat your share of black eye peas. You have to do better buddy!

I don’t have the energy to rant with the grown folks around here about cleaning their rooms but you guys better have your bedroom doors shut when the new year rolls through the house! And clean your bathrooms! I mean it!!!!

Okay wonders, I hope your ready for the new year and that your homes will continue to be blessed. I want to extend a Happy New Year to all of you! I am definitely having my last surgery for the year this morning and will see you guys in the new year. As always, thanks for perusing and until next time, keep wondering.

Oh and by the way, y’all can visit me, my house is clean! (thanks Mom, I love you)

Mundy Madness – Tapping Out on Christmas

Good morning my fellow wonderers.

Yesterday I was soaking in the bathtub questioning why I was feeling so defeated about Christmas. I had to admit to myself that my expectation and what I was actually achieving didn’t measure up . First off I haven’t been feeling well and had to address some health issues last week. I had gotten home from the hospital Friday and was resting when the hubby calls stating he had a viral infection and was coming home. Why is it whenever I have a down time someone else has to be down too? That sounds insensitive I know but can’t I be sick alone. I remember when I worked I never told anyone at the house I was sick until everyone got home from school or work. If they knew I was home I would get a phone call someone else was sick too and I would end up nursing everyone else back to health. I just went to bed. Tapped out after I washed all the sheets and blankets. Turns out he did not have a viral infection just a rash.

Saturday I still wanted to be all and everything for Christmas for my grands but it wasn’t working out. It all came to a head over the weekend when I decided we would make candy. We always made cookies but never candy before. We started with making caramels but of course it didn’t get hot enough and we ended up with Caramel sauce. Great taste and I think it will be good on waffles Christmas morning or Ice cream for dessert. After I cleaned the kitchen I announced we will make coconut macaroon later that evening. When I came back in the kitchen there was sugar all over the floor. Come to find out J had knocked the sugar over and they got up as much of it as they could. I still had about 5 pounds of sugar left for my candy making but when I realized they had gathered up the sugar from the floor and added it to the clean sugar — TAP OUT! I went back to bed. What kind of mess was this?

When I woke up, my son had the girls mop the kitchen floor and he went to get some clean sugar for me. J and I made coconut macaroon dots. Do you remember that candy? The candy that you ate off of paper! I just gave up.

I told my husband I was going to take a bath, roll up my hair and just wait for Christmas. It’s just to late to get candy in the mail and I was just going to accept it as it is. What was done was done and it was going to be okay. The bathtub was going to be an attitude adjustment. While I was in the bath, J my two year old granddaughter comes in and I say, ” Its my quiet time!” She replied, “You want some help?” and starts taking her clothes off. I tap out and put my hands up and help her into the tub. We watch Netflix and Polish our toe nails when it becomes apparent to me this is what Christmas is about and I vow to just spend time with my family be it doing chores, baking cookies or just playing a game. Whatever the days bring the rest of the holiday belongs to them.

This morning I check the second batch of caramel which turned out perfect. We had even made some caramel popcorn. The macaroons have loosened off the papers and I still have time to get one box of candy in the mail for my dad.

Christmas is going to be alright after all! Thank you my little two year old!

Until next time, thanks for perusing and Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Christmas Gauge

Good Morning Wonders:

Does it seem to you that Thanksgiving is being bypassed? Darn skippy it is. And I’ll tell you why I’m getting started early this year.

Last year while I was in the house enjoying my family and all theThanksgiving festivities, while my neighborhood was abuzz with Christmas decorating. I know they were in their homes wishing for it to get dark so they could hit the switch and light up the world. Out of no where, suddenly I noticed red lights flashing through the window and thought someone over ate and EMS was called. Or maybe family time got violent and the police was called. Neither was the case. My next door neighbor’s house was aglow with Christmas lights. It looked like the North Pole. Polar bears and all. Across the street looked like a scene from the movie “White Christmas.”. How could I compete with that. They had the corner all scened out. I moved from the boondocks where it was pointless to do a lot of outside decorations because no one besides us saw them. My decoration was modest at best. I’m talking front door action. Now I’m in a community and these people are serious. One street looked like Lowes parking lot with all the big blow up lawn decorations. You didn’t even see the house at night.

Not this year folks, I’m ready. I’m putting up my decorations today!




*Okay, the gauge was set low but I am first. And I didn’t use any tape or nails! *

Reindeer Games


Good Evening Wonderers:

Okay I will admit it. My childlike quality is still alive and when I saw it I had to have it. It’s a Reindeer Kitchen Brush. Oh boy! I almost can’t wait to wash dishes! And look honey it doesn’t make any noise.

Mundy Madness – The Big Swim

Good evening fellow wonderers:

My plate was so full today and I almost forgot it was Monday. Sitting here for the last errand for the day, I’m going to post about our family learning to swim.

Every Monday and Wednesday my grands are taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. I decided it was necessary at this time because I want to take them on The Disney Cruise next spring and being I am the only swimmer in the family I started worrying who would save everyone else. Girls scouts taught me to anticipate any disaster and prepare for it, hence swimming lessons in October.

The lesson is 45 minutes. So far this is how it has gone.

Mommy: Jada get in the pool.

Jada: I got ta potty!

That’s a 15 minute trip and happens about every 15 minutes.

Alex banged his head on the wall last week and was out of swim lessons last week. Today he’s complaining about the water turning his eyes red and might cause him to have an asthma attack. But he is in the pool so I just sit here and wait. The pool area is so warm it reminds me of being on Paradise Islands, Jamaica.

My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. We are on the most beautiful pink sands with clear ocean water when my husband confesses he doesn’t know how to swim but insists I enjoy the water. I do. I swim out far past the break of the waves. I’m wading in the water when I turn back to the shore and could see my husband waving his arms frantically, jumping up and down. I start to swim towards him. He is shouting but I can’t make out what he is saying. I start swimming again and I look up and he is in the water, like Jesus Christ walking on top of it. I swear I have never seen anything like it. He was moving so fast all I could do was stand there. When he got to me, he grabbed the back of my swimsuit and dragged me back to shore and did not stop until we were out if the water.

“Didn’t you see the shark?”, he shouted. As I’m adjusting the wedge he is yelling, “How was I to go back home and tell your mother something happened to you?” Needless to say I did not go back in the water for the rest of the honeymoon because when he heard the lifeguard yelling for these two boys with a plastic shark fin strapped onto one of them, he got upset. I saw them during my swim out but I didn’t know what my hero was yelling about when I saw him. I just kept that to myself and lavished my newly found hero husband with all the love I could muster. This guy must really love me to walk on water!

As far as my grandchildren go, Jada is in the pool screaming and Alex is fighting the noodle. It’s a good thing we are not going until next April. It’s going to take a lot more lessons.

Have a great evening and thanks for perusing.

Mundy Madness – Potty Training, Potty Mouth

Good morning fellow wonderers. I hope you had a great weekend. First let me put out my disclaimer — some of the language in this story may be offensive but I have to tell it as it happened.

Potty training was easy for my girls. Of course it was, I’m a girl too. Potty training for my son was easier. I had him potty trained at 18 months, but being me, I tend to over think things and started wondering if I missed something or taught him something that would affect how other boys viewed him in the art of pottying. Things like do you wipe like girls. I didn’t know I’d never watched a guy potty before. What really started to concern me was he kept his hands in his pants all the time. He had fallen in awe with “the thing.” So I thought to keep his hands out, I’d put him in overalls. Something I could get him out of quickly but something that he couldn’t get into as quick. That was a temporary fix. So I went for the big guns. I asked my husband to go over potty training with him. You know, teach him how to use the fly and other manly things. With no direction, I sent the boy into the bathroom with his father.

My husband looked perplexed, the boy had been going to the bathroom for a couple of weeks. What else is there to learn? As I was walking away from the bathroom I heard my husband say, “Ok Son, grab your dick!” Like chalk scraping on a blackboard I cringed and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I couldn’t go back in the bathroom, after all I did ask him to help me. Later that evening I asked my husband if he could of used any other word something like “buddy”, something user friendly. He gave me the look, the why did you ask me if all you were going to do was critique me look. So I let it go.

A couple of weeks passed and the boy and I were at Belks Department Store. I was shopping and he was just stand there with his hands down his overalls when the salesgirl asked him, ” Hey little guy! What you got there?” When he proudly answered, “My Dick!” With red face in hand, she ran off.

The moral of the story might differ for you but for me, after that day, I always gave dialogue whenever I asked someone to teach my children anything. After all if I was going to be embarrassed it should be my own.

Have a nice day and thanks for perusing.

Mundy Madness – A Lesson in Liability

Well hello wonderers:

Today I’m going to take you through the Mundy’s House Dictionary. Turn your page to the word liability and I will define it to you Mundy style.

Oldest daughter Kerrie wanted to borrow the car to go to Myrtle Beach for spring break with her girlfriends. She was 17 at the time and my only logical response was “No, the liability is too great.”

“What does that mean Mom?” She responded. Only she kept saying it over and over again. What does that mean, what does that mean? No matter how I explained it to her she said what does liability mean? Finally I broke it down to her:

A lie – as in what your gonna tell me when something happens.

A bill – as in what they’re gonna send me.

A T – as in tough titty. It ain’t gonna happen.


That’s my story for this week. Thanks for perusing.