100th Post

Good Morning Wonderers:

I know you’ve been wondering how my home improvement while the hubby was gone projects went. Well…. Drumroll Please….. HE LOVED IT!

First my project list:

Hang curtains
Organize closet
Wash windows
Organize the office
Hang mirror
Shampoo carpets
Wipe down all wood work
Wipe down doors and light fixtures
Wipe down kitchen cabinets

First off I delegated all the wipe down stuff to Brent. My shoulders said No!
My neighbor Andy let me borrow his stud finder and leveler. And while I had it I found all the studs for my windows and in the garage, the kids bathroom and the office. Oh future projects are in the wind. I’ve thought about buying my own stud finder but I would be like a kid with a loaded gun, dangerous. I marked out where all curtain rods should be installed and

Curtains hung. He picked gold but I’m getting ready for Christmas because I think red. With my rods up, what’s stopping me?
Office went from


Just need some artwork for that wall. I’m thinking bookshelves. I just met a young carpenter that I think can do it. I’m having him put some shelves in the bathroom to see what he can do. I didn’t do all that measuring for nothing! I wish I had the audacity to paint a mural. And you know I do! I need another road trip for Popi for sure.

Oh and so you know, we did put a hole in the wall in the stairwell when we moved a dresser from the garage up stairs. A little putty knife, putty and paint, he didn’t notice it. I had to wash the stairwell walls though to pull that one off!

I hung the mirror in the bedroom and did get all the carpets shampooed.

I did not get to washing the windows but hey, I covered then with drapes. I only had 6 days. If he had been gone longer I probably would have killed myself. But when he was gone I had fun doing what I wanted to do with no explanation or criticism. When he came back he loved the improvements. That’s what I call compromising my way! 😉

Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering!

It’s still me

Good Evening Wonderers.

Boy have I been busy. I had to put everyone down just so I can tell you about the last couple of days.

Yesterday Brent and I went to a 5 and Dime store. It goes to show how time changes because he asked me before we went in if everything cost five dollars and ten cents. Of course I laughed no not like everything costs a dollar at the Dollar Tree. It is a thrift store. I went in looking for a desk for the office. One I would lock my things away when I wasn’t in there. It was the first time I went to this store and OMG. I was in thrift store heaven! It seemed as if the place never ended. I would turn and there would be another whole section of treasure. There was so much stuff I was taking mental notes to come back and look at this and that. My husband wasn’t with me so I was in no rush. I was free to browse and I did. Here is what I found. A painting by Armando for the foyer. I love the colors. It matches my new drapes


Now back to my desk. Well I didn’t see one! I did see something that caught my eye and I contemplated how I would get it home. I envisioned flattening all my tires and needing new shocks and started to walk away when I heard from a distant, “We deliver!” OMG! OMG! OMG! I love this store. If you are ever in the area and you like thrift stores, junking or treasure hunting you have to add this store to your list:
5 & Dime Thrift Store
1464 E. Main Street
Rock Hill, SC

Here is what I found for my office. Note: my husband is going to kill me when he sees it. It’s here now and it’s Minnnnneeeeesssss!



My new office/art/craft center!

It fits all of my criteria. Drawers for storage and filing, easy access and I can lock it. Bonus: when I’m not using it I can close it up and the office will be none the wiser of the mess that is inside. Want to see the insides wonderers?



The Christmas Gauge

Good Morning Wonders:

Does it seem to you that Thanksgiving is being bypassed? Darn skippy it is. And I’ll tell you why I’m getting started early this year.

Last year while I was in the house enjoying my family and all theThanksgiving festivities, while my neighborhood was abuzz with Christmas decorating. I know they were in their homes wishing for it to get dark so they could hit the switch and light up the world. Out of no where, suddenly I noticed red lights flashing through the window and thought someone over ate and EMS was called. Or maybe family time got violent and the police was called. Neither was the case. My next door neighbor’s house was aglow with Christmas lights. It looked like the North Pole. Polar bears and all. Across the street looked like a scene from the movie “White Christmas.”. How could I compete with that. They had the corner all scened out. I moved from the boondocks where it was pointless to do a lot of outside decorations because no one besides us saw them. My decoration was modest at best. I’m talking front door action. Now I’m in a community and these people are serious. One street looked like Lowes parking lot with all the big blow up lawn decorations. You didn’t even see the house at night.

Not this year folks, I’m ready. I’m putting up my decorations today!




*Okay, the gauge was set low but I am first. And I didn’t use any tape or nails! *