Mundy Madness – The Big Swim

Good evening fellow wonderers:

My plate was so full today and I almost forgot it was Monday. Sitting here for the last errand for the day, I’m going to post about our family learning to swim.

Every Monday and Wednesday my grands are taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. I decided it was necessary at this time because I want to take them on The Disney Cruise next spring and being I am the only swimmer in the family I started worrying who would save everyone else. Girls scouts taught me to anticipate any disaster and prepare for it, hence swimming lessons in October.

The lesson is 45 minutes. So far this is how it has gone.

Mommy: Jada get in the pool.

Jada: I got ta potty!

That’s a 15 minute trip and happens about every 15 minutes.

Alex banged his head on the wall last week and was out of swim lessons last week. Today he’s complaining about the water turning his eyes red and might cause him to have an asthma attack. But he is in the pool so I just sit here and wait. The pool area is so warm it reminds me of being on Paradise Islands, Jamaica.

My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. We are on the most beautiful pink sands with clear ocean water when my husband confesses he doesn’t know how to swim but insists I enjoy the water. I do. I swim out far past the break of the waves. I’m wading in the water when I turn back to the shore and could see my husband waving his arms frantically, jumping up and down. I start to swim towards him. He is shouting but I can’t make out what he is saying. I start swimming again and I look up and he is in the water, like Jesus Christ walking on top of it. I swear I have never seen anything like it. He was moving so fast all I could do was stand there. When he got to me, he grabbed the back of my swimsuit and dragged me back to shore and did not stop until we were out if the water.

“Didn’t you see the shark?”, he shouted. As I’m adjusting the wedge he is yelling, “How was I to go back home and tell your mother something happened to you?” Needless to say I did not go back in the water for the rest of the honeymoon because when he heard the lifeguard yelling for these two boys with a plastic shark fin strapped onto one of them, he got upset. I saw them during my swim out but I didn’t know what my hero was yelling about when I saw him. I just kept that to myself and lavished my newly found hero husband with all the love I could muster. This guy must really love me to walk on water!

As far as my grandchildren go, Jada is in the pool screaming and Alex is fighting the noodle. It’s a good thing we are not going until next April. It’s going to take a lot more lessons.

Have a great evening and thanks for perusing.