Mundy Madness – Potty Training, Potty Mouth

Good morning fellow wonderers. I hope you had a great weekend. First let me put out my disclaimer — some of the language in this story may be offensive but I have to tell it as it happened.

Potty training was easy for my girls. Of course it was, I’m a girl too. Potty training for my son was easier. I had him potty trained at 18 months, but being me, I tend to over think things and started wondering if I missed something or taught him something that would affect how other boys viewed him in the art of pottying. Things like do you wipe like girls. I didn’t know I’d never watched a guy potty before. What really started to concern me was he kept his hands in his pants all the time. He had fallen in awe with “the thing.” So I thought to keep his hands out, I’d put him in overalls. Something I could get him out of quickly but something that he couldn’t get into as quick. That was a temporary fix. So I went for the big guns. I asked my husband to go over potty training with him. You know, teach him how to use the fly and other manly things. With no direction, I sent the boy into the bathroom with his father.

My husband looked perplexed, the boy had been going to the bathroom for a couple of weeks. What else is there to learn? As I was walking away from the bathroom I heard my husband say, “Ok Son, grab your dick!” Like chalk scraping on a blackboard I cringed and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I couldn’t go back in the bathroom, after all I did ask him to help me. Later that evening I asked my husband if he could of used any other word something like “buddy”, something user friendly. He gave me the look, the why did you ask me if all you were going to do was critique me look. So I let it go.

A couple of weeks passed and the boy and I were at Belks Department Store. I was shopping and he was just stand there with his hands down his overalls when the salesgirl asked him, ” Hey little guy! What you got there?” When he proudly answered, “My Dick!” With red face in hand, she ran off.

The moral of the story might differ for you but for me, after that day, I always gave dialogue whenever I asked someone to teach my children anything. After all if I was going to be embarrassed it should be my own.

Have a nice day and thanks for perusing.

3 thoughts on “Mundy Madness – Potty Training, Potty Mouth

  1. OMG, LOL! reminds me of my little cousin, who had a hard time with some sounds whenhe was 3 or 4. So, driving down the street one day, he pointed and said , “hey mom, there’s daddy’s dum f**k” My aunt whipped her head around, wondering who/what she would see. Sure enough, a dump truck. Being a boy, there were all kinds of fascinating “f**ks” in his world – fire, cement, pick up, etc. He got excited and talked about them all.

    Is it any wonder my aunt went on to become a school speech pathologist?

    • Funny! My granddaughter who is 2 has difficulty was the sl sound. She loves to say Papi is sleep but it sounds like Papi is sh@$! Im ashamed to say I say Papi is sleep often just to hear her repeat it.

      • lol kids are so funny! My little niece used to say “sh” in front of lots of things. our favorite? “I want a shrink.” meaning a glass of water, of course. šŸ™‚ She wore a shacket when she went outside to shump rope. It was interesting sorting out what she really meant!

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