Mundy Madness – No, No, No!

Good Morning Wonderers!

Do you remember this painting?


I was so proud of it. What did I say? It was on my level. Well this is Dr. S., my art instructors reaction.

“No. No. No! I don’t care what ethnicity you are, nobody’s hair lays like that! And why is she laying down? Fix the hair!”

I took my little painting to the back of the room with my paintbrush between my legs, crushed. “It’s only my first painting class”, I thought to myself. I took it home and didn’t bother with it at all. The whole painting was an accident in the first place. Remember I told you I used permanent maker to draft out the sketch, in which again, Dr. S. said, “No, no, no!” I explained to him that I was trying to cover over the marker and thought I could get away with it.

Well wonderers, I tell you, I worked on that painting and I worked on that painting but at the last moment I didn’t get to take it back to class because of some mishap or another. So, I decided to take it to the first guild meeting I ever attended. I had only just joined in October.

Well apparently, there is a face associated with his expression because as soon as he looked at it, the whole room echoed, “No, no, no!” In which he quickly added, “Where’s the squirrel?”


I’m back on it wonders hoping to here a yes, yes, yes when class starts again.

Until then thanks for perusing and as always, keep wondering.

Putting up the easel – The Giveaway Project!

Good mornings wonders.

I’m feeling inspired this cold rainy morning and I’m putting up the easel. At least after someone else wakes up and brings it and all my paints up stairs, I’ll be putting up the easel. But in the meantime, I’ve been sketching a layout for the first selection of my first giveaway. I plan on announcing it for my anniversary blogging date January 20, 2013. The rain inspired me to this sketchy sketch. As much as I would love to free style, I have learned sometimes that is not the best way to go. Tell me what you think?

It’s 1:11 p.m. Time to take a nap!


Got the foundation in. Now comes the hard part – texture!


Mom’s Christmas Gift

Hey Wonders:

Today I feel like a first string draft pick and the first thing I’m going to do is get my mom a house. Except I’m a beginner artist and the first picture I painted to give away belongs to my mommy. This abstract picture is my grandmother’s house. I know my mom misses her especially around the holidays and since we sold grandmom’s house she can no longer visit. I’ll share it with you Wonders, Mom is not a blogger.


Until next time keep wondering and thanks for perusing.

Following instructions

Good Morning Wonderers.

Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree is an expression my mother likes to use often. I realize the possibility is true more than I care to admit.

The fruit:

The other day I told you I was at an audition with Alex for a visual arts program. Before the audition, I spoke to him about NOT drawing cartoon characters for the observation piece. Realism I said, realism. The instructor gave them a statue to draw. They were to create a scene using the statue. He drew a museum display. Paintings on walls, guide ropes around the statue, a fully realistic museum with what? Cartoon people. Not just cartoons. His superhero cartoon characters. The instructor said he had a great imagination. I hope the judges are looking for that!

The tree:

I really planned on doing a portrait on my next installment for art class. I had my model poised. (I took a picture of J sleeping.). I drew out the picture but before I started, I got to thinking I would not be able to see the guide. So what did I use? Permanent marker of course! Funny how after finishing the drawing I remembered Mr. S telling us NOT to use permanent marker. I’ve spent the last five days trying to cover over the lines. This painting went from a realistic approach to something totaling different from what I wanted to do. But my instructor also says there are no accidents in art. So I finished it. I’m proud of it. It’s the level I’m on.

It went from J’s poise



So Mom your saying may hold some truth but as far as following directions goes, I like Mr. S’s statement. Remember that Alex.


Thanks for perusing and have a great day.

Crafty Update

Hey Wonderers!

I thought you would like to see what I’ve been up to and update you on my art classes. While I was down we got a new computer that I don’t know how to work. Luckily for me, my husband did get some Geek Squad package from Best Buy, my new best friends. (Guys your on my Christmas cookie list. :-). I promise!). I’ll have to tell you guys about what I learned another day but since I’m posting over my iPhone I’ll save that lesson for my first computer post.

My figurative drawing class is challenging but so far so good. Here are some samples

trying not to do the muppet face

Working on action drawing. I’m need to look at some other men. If I’m not trying to draw my husband, my man looks female.

Trying to draw my granddaughter.

This woman is in my head. I think it’s my aunt. I may be channeling into her artistic nature.

Crafts for the Christmas auction made from Dollar Tree wine glasses.


Candle holders. Only 20 more original designs to go! How’s that for a $1.00 gift? Candle sold separately.



Good evening fellow wonders:

As you guys know, I have been taking art lessons. The drawing classes are coming along nicely but the painting, it’s gonna take some time. Last week the drawing class kinda laughed at my painting. Oh they were very supportive but I could hear the snickering in their voice. So much so I remarked, “This is the beginner’s class!” I am the only beginner and I haven’t found my technique yet. I felt like a kid like when my daughter would say after any mistake, “but I’m only six.”

My instructor wanted the class to tell a story in their painting. I told you guys about my husband walking on water so I thought I would put him in the water to tell a story. When my husband proposed he said to me, “We will have stormy times but if you take my hand we will weather them all. If you marry me you will never be hot, you will never be cold”. Well, that’s what he said and I thought I captured it.

My instructor read: We better have fun before the storm comes. I just said, “Close! It’s only my second painting!”

Learning to draw

Well Hello fellow wonders:

Thanks for perusing today. I bet you’ve been wondering how my art class is going. Well I’ll say great! I am loving the time I am in class. Whether I good or not is not the point, after all it’s only my first class and today was the last day. This is what I’ve learned so far:

– the different types of pencils and what they can do.

– the difference the kinds of paper you use matters.

– tissues are an asset in more ways than one.

– perspective and how to create a vanishing point.

– there are no mistakes. Use them to your advantage. The eraser is your best friend.

– pay more attention to the technical language so you can tell people what you learned. (This is key!)

I learned how to mat, frame and gallery wrap my finished project. Here is my first piece.


Onward and Upward

Hey wonderers;

In case you have been wondering how my art class is going, I’m moving onward and upward. I am taking a figurative drawing class and an acrylic painting class after my beginner class ends.

All of my classmates are very talented and encouraging. They are all fine artists. When we have our framed art show I’ll take pictures of theirs to show. Todate, all I can say about my art. I’m an impressionist wanting to be a fine artist but I’m having fun!

Take a look at my entry!