Good evening fellow wonders:

As you guys know, I have been taking art lessons. The drawing classes are coming along nicely but the painting, it’s gonna take some time. Last week the drawing class kinda laughed at my painting. Oh they were very supportive but I could hear the snickering in their voice. So much so I remarked, “This is the beginner’s class!” I am the only beginner and I haven’t found my technique yet. I felt like a kid like when my daughter would say after any mistake, “but I’m only six.”

My instructor wanted the class to tell a story in their painting. I told you guys about my husband walking on water so I thought I would put him in the water to tell a story. When my husband proposed he said to me, “We will have stormy times but if you take my hand we will weather them all. If you marry me you will never be hot, you will never be cold”. Well, that’s what he said and I thought I captured it.

My instructor read: We better have fun before the storm comes. I just said, “Close! It’s only my second painting!”

2 thoughts on “Beginner

  1. Keep on painting; and keep putting all that love in the project! And remember, if anybody gives you nonsense; get out the fingerpaints!! (We’ve all seen those art projects where it looks like an elephant sneezed paint out of his trunk!) Go follow your dream! šŸ™‚

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