Mom’s Christmas Gift

Hey Wonders:

Today I feel like a first string draft pick and the first thing I’m going to do is get my mom a house. Except I’m a beginner artist and the first picture I painted to give away belongs to my mommy. This abstract picture is my grandmother’s house. I know my mom misses her especially around the holidays and since we sold grandmom’s house she can no longer visit. I’ll share it with you Wonders, Mom is not a blogger.


Until next time keep wondering and thanks for perusing.

9 thoughts on “Mom’s Christmas Gift

  1. I can tell you painted it with your heart full of love. It is rich in color and so vibrant. Makes me want to sit on the porch and visit for a while! Your mom is going to love it, and hang it in a place where it will really fill her heart with joy! Nicest gift you could give her!

  2. Everyone! I must let you know…the picture above is not abstract at all but very exact! It is the best of the home my Great Grandmother made… I swear I can see all the love she gave us through that picture my Mother painted…. Mom you are so amazing…I still think you know everything. Love you —Kare

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