Learning to draw

Well Hello fellow wonders:

Thanks for perusing today. I bet you’ve been wondering how my art class is going. Well I’ll say great! I am loving the time I am in class. Whether I good or not is not the point, after all it’s only my first class and today was the last day. This is what I’ve learned so far:

– the different types of pencils and what they can do.

– the difference the kinds of paper you use matters.

– tissues are an asset in more ways than one.

– perspective and how to create a vanishing point.

– there are no mistakes. Use them to your advantage. The eraser is your best friend.

– pay more attention to the technical language so you can tell people what you learned. (This is key!)

I learned how to mat, frame and gallery wrap my finished project. Here is my first piece.


9 thoughts on “Learning to draw

  1. Nice. I heard a musician – Yo Yo Ma – say today that “art, in any form is a learned process. It is not something you are just “born” with.” Every artist works at his art, whether it is quilting; painting, sketching, etc. You have done a lovely job, and should be proud of your achievement.

    • Awh, thank you so much. I’m pretty proud of my first effort and look forward to perfecting it. It is so relaxing for me. If quilting for you is like it is for my daughter I know you enjoy it. I can see it in your quilts. Thanks for the support.

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