Every Second we

We open the gate to God’s unyielding love every time we pray in earnest.

We close the gate when we regret our mistakes.  When we hold on to fear. When we forget who we are.

We are his and he holds the gate open to us every second of our lives.

Waiting for us to call.  Waiting for us to ask. Waiting for us recall his perfect love.

Waiting for us to stand.

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Good News Quill


Good Afternoon Wonderers:

It is so hard to sound humble when you are excited about the miracles God is doing in your life.  My apology if I offend anyone by this blog, in particular.  I have a story to tell and I am concerned most of offending God.

In desperation after my husband death, I had been collecting feathers that I found in the most peculiar of places.  They would appear after I would come out of an emotional breakdown of sorts.  Crying to my husband about where he was and if he was happy.  Fussing with him and just out loud screaming why he left me behind.

The first came as a tiny white quill.  I found it at the base of his chair right after I had vacuumed.   I remembered reading something about angels leaving feathers behind so I looked it up on Google what a white feather would mean.   A white feather could mean an angel is with you.  It could also be the answer that my husband arrived and that he was happy.

The second feather was a little larger still with a white quill sitting on the bathroom counter.  I took it to mean that I was being comforted and that I was on the right path to finding my soul’s purpose.  It suddenly got serious to me so I put them into a container so I would not lose them.  I literally assumed they were coming from my husband although he was not an angel.  I forgot about that part.  He is just an angel to me and I was missing him.

It was the third feather with an even larger quill and an even brighter white aura when I did I understand it to symbolized hope and faith and that there is a connection between both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Since that time, I have found a few more feathers and the biggest of all is a yellow feather. Ask-angels.com states it is, “A reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, to be present, alert, and to stay focused on what you desire to magnetize these blessings into your life.”

God is so good to me.  My mediation with Dr. Tony Evans pointed me to Luke 4:18.  From the scroll of the prophet Isaiah Jesus read:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

WOW GOD.  You sent your only begotten son to erase the sins of the world.  He died for us so we could be free and have everlasting life.  Thank you for my salvation and entrusting me to spread the Good News.  I am forever your humble servant.

This morning the writing prompt sent me to reflect on these quills.  When I picked up the container I placed them in it says, “Don’t forget the power of prayer!  HAVE FAITH!

Have Faith of a mustard seed Wonderers and enjoy this beautiful day!

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Ship Has Sailed Away


There is a song I hear frequently since my husband has gone to glory.  It is a song I had to look up to see who even sung it.  I can still feel the emotion I felt when I would hear it on the radio.  How I felt my life was passing me bye.  How I was running out of time.  My ship was gonna sail away.  It seemed as though I was lost in my life even though I was married to an amazing man,  had children and grandchildren.  I had a great career but something was missing.

On this day we set aside to live free.  It is important to tell you that nothing should be taken for granted.  For every little thing we have good we need to appreciate it and have a spirit of gratitude to the God of the Universe.  Everything was passing us bye.   Without our relationship with Jesus Christ, for all that we had accomplished and accumulated, we had nothing.  But he never left us.  Jesus interceded on my behalf and saved me.   The life I had has sailed away but God has charted a new direction for me.  My compass is pointing to eternal life.  If I can stay on course I will see the redeemer, Jesus and my husband again,  Pray for me.

If you hear this song and feel emotional about the lyrics ask God to search your heart and give you wisdom.

Happy July 4th.  Enjoy the fireworks.


Responding to what word brings me happiness.

The word dance always brings me happiness. Just writing the word seem to bring a feeling of pleasure. And I love to dance!

The passion started at a young age. Twirling around in a tutu and ballet slippers to tap shoes and sparkling costumes made out of satins. I would dance across the performance stage, tongue hanging out the side to my mouth to my mothers dismiss. I couldn’t help it, it was a flaw in the genes but none the less when the performance was over I would be elated. I got through it without any mishaps. Flowers and fancy dinners would follow. Everyone together celebrating my victory. Dance would bring my family together through illness, separation and even divorce.

As a teenager dancing would bring personal freedom. Time to reflect on where I was going and how far I had come. Looking at myself in the mirror as I twirled across studio floors. Long neck, long arms and long muscular legs that for years men and women would comment about whenever I displayed them. A dancer’s body. The body I developed through years of dedication to the art. Dancing for one of the most prestigious dance academy in Philadelphia was my reward. I gladly gave up my Saturday morning and catch the el to rehearse with Philadanco.

As a young woman the partying never stopped. From dancing in the basement with blue lights to club hopping into the morning lights. We could put a party together at the drop of a hat. All we needed was a blue light bulb and something to drink. It always amazed me how through dancing you could meet and fall in love on the dance floor. It would get hot with all the grinding and bumping but the blue lights made everybody look good so you danced until the lights came on and you hoped that magic was real and he asked you for your phone number.

As an older woman I still love to dance with my husband on the rare occasion that we do. When he holds me close and twirls me across the floors I fall in love with him all over again. I feel happiness. I feel young and alive again. After a night of dancing when I wake up I still feel that magic from the night before and I wonder why we don’t dance more often and then I move and feel the pains in my knees and it all comes back to me. Arthritis.

So I wait until the next time I get to actually dance but I live with the feeling dancing gave me through my youth. I dance with my grandchildren as I twirl them across the floor hoping that dancing brings them the happiness I felt. When they stick that tongue out I know they are concentrating on the dance and they laugh and I laugh knowing that it’s in the genes.

Take the time to dance everyone for happiness.

What’s in a Name


I was named by my Grandmother WillieAnn. She told me her reasoning numerous times. It appears she could always tell when she saw a little girl sitting quietly with grace that this child would possess her favorite name. She tested her theory she told me. She approached a little girl that was riding on the train one day. The girl had her hands folded in her lap sitting quietly with a little smile on her face. My grandmother approached her and asked, “What’s your name little girl?” The little girl looked up and replied in a sweet quiet voice, “Denise.”

Just as she thought and she placed that name on the soul of her first granddaughter. It almost worked too. Except my other grandmother felt left out and wanted to give me a name. So my mother in all her wisdom gave me the middle name Maranne. Consolidating Mary and Willie Ann into one name. When ever my Grandmother Mary would hear the name she would quip, “my name is not Mar, it’s Mary”. So for the first twelve years of my life whenever I was in trouble, which was often, my mother would yell, “Denise Marann/Mariann. And because of it I think the quiet part stuck but grace went out the window. I was nerdy, painfully shy and aloof as a child. I loved books, was tomboyish and a daydreamer. No one even called me Denise except my grandmother. I was simply Neice or Ne-Ne.

When I graduated high school I had to ask my mom to see my birth certificate because I wasn’t sure how my middle name was spelled and neither did she. Come to find out there was no y or I. I was a Maranne. A made up name. That’s when I dug deep into Denise.

Denise – Goddess of Wine I was told. I was a goddess and grace started to fall in place. I was suddenly articulate, sharp minded and my boney frame was filling in. I became a beautiful young woman and believed it too. Everyone called me by my name except my siblings. I had earned my grandmother’s blessing and when I heard her call my name emphasizing the “de”. I knew I have arrived at her expectation of me.

When I got to learn my soul urge and expression numbers and realized I had used my abilities in leadership and have truly been an inspiration to others i realized I was idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive and spiritual. All the qualities that made me gracious. I had exceeded her desire for me. Every time she would announce me, “This is my granddaughter, Judge Denise.” I knew she was proud of the name she had chosen for me and I was equally proud I lived up to it.

Now the table has turned and I graced upon the soul of my first grandson Alexander. I hope the journey is easier for you and I will await for your arrival to it Alex.



I rode in silence. There was chatter all around me but I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. I was just staring out the window wondering when did I get in this limo. Everyone knows that I usually stay back at the house, they expect it. Now here I sit, silently crying.

The sound of the GPS announcing the directions to my sister’s going home celebration is all I hear, that and the horn blowing at every intersection announcing the urgency of this trip. The route is familiar and I think of all the times she and I waited on these street corners waiting for a bus or simply just to cross the street. I wish that I had stayed in Philadelphia and had been able to spend more time with her. Vacations were all we had these last few years, that and an occasional telephone call or text. She had just caught up we me at Candy Crush. I wish now that I hadn’t passed her. Just let her have another victory.

Someone placed their hand on my shoulder. I wondered if they were feeling what I was feeling. I looked up and realized I was in the rear view mirror. They could see me and they silently consoled we with their eyes. No one said another word. We all rode the remainder of the route in silence. I felt like I was dreaming. It just didn’t feel real until I heard the GPS announce, “You’ve arrived at your destination.”