I rode in silence. There was chatter all around me but I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. I was just staring out the window wondering when did I get in this limo. Everyone knows that I usually stay back at the house, they expect it. Now here I sit, silently crying.

The sound of the GPS announcing the directions to my sister’s going home celebration is all I hear, that and the horn blowing at every intersection announcing the urgency of this trip. The route is familiar and I think of all the times she and I waited on these street corners waiting for a bus or simply just to cross the street. I wish that I had stayed in Philadelphia and had been able to spend more time with her. Vacations were all we had these last few years, that and an occasional telephone call or text. She had just caught up we me at Candy Crush. I wish now that I hadn’t passed her. Just let her have another victory.

Someone placed their hand on my shoulder. I wondered if they were feeling what I was feeling. I looked up and realized I was in the rear view mirror. They could see me and they silently consoled we with their eyes. No one said another word. We all rode the remainder of the route in silence. I felt like I was dreaming. It just didn’t feel real until I heard the GPS announce, “You’ve arrived at your destination.”

11 thoughts on “Silence

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  2. (((((HUGS)))) and prayers for your comfort during this difficult time. Now, it is time to tell the stories; just like you are doing here. That feeling like you are just floating through the events will eventually stop. Feet on the ground, Look around; Look UP; know that you held by God, the Father, in his arms and his love.

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  7. Wow – Neicie. Your words, your emotions, your heart….. :::hugs::: I wish you continued strength. I wish Derrick and the family the same. There are no words of comfort I can say, just know that, I too looked at you thru the rear view window and my eyes offer you the same. Love you!

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