Ship Has Sailed Away


There is a song I hear frequently since my husband has gone to glory.  It is a song I had to look up to see who even sung it.  I can still feel the emotion I felt when I would hear it on the radio.  How I felt my life was passing me bye.  How I was running out of time.  My ship was gonna sail away.  It seemed as though I was lost in my life even though I was married to an amazing man,  had children and grandchildren.  I had a great career but something was missing.

On this day we set aside to live free.  It is important to tell you that nothing should be taken for granted.  For every little thing we have good we need to appreciate it and have a spirit of gratitude to the God of the Universe.  Everything was passing us bye.   Without our relationship with Jesus Christ, for all that we had accomplished and accumulated, we had nothing.  But he never left us.  Jesus interceded on my behalf and saved me.   The life I had has sailed away but God has charted a new direction for me.  My compass is pointing to eternal life.  If I can stay on course I will see the redeemer, Jesus and my husband again,  Pray for me.

If you hear this song and feel emotional about the lyrics ask God to search your heart and give you wisdom.

Happy July 4th.  Enjoy the fireworks.