100th Post

Good Morning Wonderers:

I know you’ve been wondering how my home improvement while the hubby was gone projects went. Well…. Drumroll Please….. HE LOVED IT!

First my project list:

Hang curtains
Organize closet
Wash windows
Organize the office
Hang mirror
Shampoo carpets
Wipe down all wood work
Wipe down doors and light fixtures
Wipe down kitchen cabinets

First off I delegated all the wipe down stuff to Brent. My shoulders said No!
My neighbor Andy let me borrow his stud finder and leveler. And while I had it I found all the studs for my windows and in the garage, the kids bathroom and the office. Oh future projects are in the wind. I’ve thought about buying my own stud finder but I would be like a kid with a loaded gun, dangerous. I marked out where all curtain rods should be installed and

Curtains hung. He picked gold but I’m getting ready for Christmas because I think red. With my rods up, what’s stopping me?
Office went from


Just need some artwork for that wall. I’m thinking bookshelves. I just met a young carpenter that I think can do it. I’m having him put some shelves in the bathroom to see what he can do. I didn’t do all that measuring for nothing! I wish I had the audacity to paint a mural. And you know I do! I need another road trip for Popi for sure.

Oh and so you know, we did put a hole in the wall in the stairwell when we moved a dresser from the garage up stairs. A little putty knife, putty and paint, he didn’t notice it. I had to wash the stairwell walls though to pull that one off!

I hung the mirror in the bedroom and did get all the carpets shampooed.

I did not get to washing the windows but hey, I covered then with drapes. I only had 6 days. If he had been gone longer I probably would have killed myself. But when he was gone I had fun doing what I wanted to do with no explanation or criticism. When he came back he loved the improvements. That’s what I call compromising my way! 😉

Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering!

One thought on “100th Post

  1. Wow – you got a lot done! I am so glad he liked it. I think that is often the way – if they don’t see it in progress, they don’t have to worry it won’t be what they like. Also, I know that my wife can not imagine what something will look like just by my telling her or showing her in a magazine. So if I do it, then she can see it. Saying “this is exactly what I mean, only, I will do it in white not black, and little shorter on the left” somehow is not helpful to her. 🙂

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