Starbucks – You are here cups

Good morning fellow wonderers:

I just want to know one thing Starbucks. I am here but where are the cups?

K wants a Charlotte cup and asked me if I could get her one. I went to all the stores in my area, no one has them in stock. I even went to the Starbucks at the NC/SC border. They didn’t have any but I must say, they had plenty free samples of their pastries. That made it worth the trip.

Sorry baby, I am trying to find you one. I will be at The Dunhill this weekend and all around downtown Charlotte. If I don’t find one, I will go to the airport before I leave the city. How about a Philadelphia cup? I’ve got connections there. I could send a lot of people on a frenzy.

Hey Starbucks, if you are here reading my blog, could you send me a cup?

Until next time……