My apology and 22 days in(30 day challenge

First, let me apologize for leaving the scene without an explanation. I’m a young blogger without all the social grace needed. It was very rude and I apologize. I did read everyone’s blogs and even commented on a few. I just did not have time to blog on About The Yarrow House although I did wonder what you guys were up to. It will never happen again. I promise. Apology accepted?

Now 22 days in. I’ve learned a lot of F words. I feel fitter. I can do fifteen push-ups but my arms feel frailer. I’ve eaten some fantastic foods and had some family fun Atleast until they quit on me in week three because of fatigue. I seen thousands of fotos of other people progress (flaunting) their progress. Haha I’m so proud of them. But mostly I’m still FAT. I still have 7 days to go. I’ve lost four pounds only six more to go to meet my realistic goal.

4 thoughts on “My apology and 22 days in(30 day challenge

  1. I’m sure some of the weight is due to muscle weight gain.. so if you’ve been constantly working out.. your muscle mass may increase.. and so don’t worry too much of the reading on the machine.. welcome back to blogging world again.. 😀

  2. glad you are back – I got worried you faded away and were too weak to type. 🙂 If you complete this 30 days (and why wouldn’t you???) you will have achieved something great, whether or not you lost your ten pounds. You will have started eating healthier, exercising more, which are both good things to do, no matter what the result. Also, did you ONLY weigh yourself at the start, or did you also measure? Because as Wisher said, muscle mass weighs more than fat – but it look s fitter! I hope when you do your after photo, you will wear the same outfit, then you will really see the progress you have made.

    • I’m not weighing myself during the challenge. I did before for statistic values but I going on how my clothes fit . My challenge is to improve my A1c and strengthen my upper body. Losing weigh is a bonus.

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