Mundy Madness – The Vow of Silence

Well Wonderers:

Today is as good as any day to tell you about my madness.  So get your cup of coffee or whatever it’s your drinking because I’m going to be awhile.

First let me say it is not easy to not talk about something.   I had a heavy predictiment.  I was praying to GOD to help me so much to the point that I actually took it to pen and paper.  For me that Is the same as taking it to the alter and at that time you are to put it down and leave it in the hands of the Lord.  But I couldn’t.  No matter what the conversation was it always rounded out to my predictiment, my home’s foundation had cracked.

Is there a such thing as a small crack?

I notified our home warranty company and they sent out an engineer to review the situation.  Everyone in the neighborhood told me that they were just going to put a crack gauge on the house.  But I thought, NO not my house.  They are going to fix my house.   Needless to say I did get that answer that there was nothing structurally wrong with my house.

My poor husband.  I was like, “Do something, call somebody before my house falls to the ground!”  At the same time, my mother was ill and I went to Philadelphia leaving my husband to deal with the situation.  I was calling him every day.  I had him call a geo-technical engineer, Ramjack, the county, our house inspector, anybody who could give me an answer to my problem.  What I learned was I had a bigger problem than I thought for what the letter said was – there was nothing structurally wrong with the house but that we were being advised to fix the main crack.  Oh, did I tell you I had multiple cracks but one was so bad the it has deflected and was a trip hazard.  My brand new house of 3 years.

When I came back into town, my husband informs me that the problem was worst than we thought because no one would touch it.  I call a concrete guy, a brick mason.  a jack of all trades guy that said he would fix it for $200.00 but to tell the warranty company that we fixed it because he wasn’t licensed.  The last person I spoke to said this, “Your at a Catch 22.  If I fix it and it gets worse, your warranty company will say I did something wrong.  If you fix it and it gets worse, you did something wrong.  If you do nothing and it gets worse its because you didn’t fix it as advised.  Either way they were not liable and I was screwed.  What else was I to do.  Well I thought about moving as in walking away from this house.  Shucks, I had good credit.  Just buy another house and everything else I needed and just walk away and let them foreclose on it.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything else for a long while, so I was actually writing a list of the things I needed until my husband said that was not an option.  Okay my next option was talk to an attorney.

So my attorney writes a letter to the builder and the warranty company along with the geo-technical engineer’s report and we wait.  Now at this time my nextdoor neighbor is sending emails out that her foundation has cracked. WTF!  Now the neighborhood is abuzz with foundation issues, drainage issues and that’s when I go into my closet and start to pray about it.  But all that was on my mind was my house.  That’s all I was talking about and I started getting cocky about it too.  I was saying things like, “There’s only two ways we can go about this, the easy way or the hard way, but either way, my house will be fixed. ” That’s when I had to take a vow of silence because if I had went on social media with my madness,  things might have really turned out differently.  Because when I stopped talking about it and put my energy someplace else. I started thinking differently.

The first thing I did was christened and named my house.  I chose the name “Ethanael”.  It means God given strength.

When I was not talking about it I was reminded that the only thing I didn’t like about my house was that is was carpeted .  But because of that crack the whole downstairs floor had to be removed and what a good time for them to be replace them with the hardwood I wanted.  Needless to say, everything worked out and the builder did a remediation on my house.   No one can predict ground movement and if they put my house on piles (like we originally thought) they might have fell and I really would have had a problem.  I still have seven years left on my warranty.  When I think about it now I am reminded God choose this house for me.  I had to be inconvenience but I know have everything in here I wanted.  All I had to do was shut my mouth and wait on him.