Got Craft Suggestions?

Good morning crafty wonders:

As you may remember, I am Celebration Mom for 120 six graders. Im really excited to do this job and even though I have three grown children, I never had the chance to orchestrate anything but be snack mom at school. So I’ve got to go big or stay home! You might be wondering why I’m starting so early? Once again I will be on crutches for the holidays so since I’ll have a lot of down time I might as well use it wisely.

Now here is what I’m thinking? A winter dance? I will need decorations of course. I am also thinking ice cream social. Winter equals cold plus ice cream. Theme?

Now for the craft, that’s where you guys come in. At every function there is to be some things the kids can purchase with their gator bucks. I’m thinking but I haven’t come up with anything yet and I need to get all my supplies before November 1st.

Crafters, what ya got?