The Christmas Gauge

Good Morning Wonders:

Does it seem to you that Thanksgiving is being bypassed? Darn skippy it is. And I’ll tell you why I’m getting started early this year.

Last year while I was in the house enjoying my family and all theThanksgiving festivities, while my neighborhood was abuzz with Christmas decorating. I know they were in their homes wishing for it to get dark so they could hit the switch and light up the world. Out of no where, suddenly I noticed red lights flashing through the window and thought someone over ate and EMS was called. Or maybe family time got violent and the police was called. Neither was the case. My next door neighbor’s house was aglow with Christmas lights. It looked like the North Pole. Polar bears and all. Across the street looked like a scene from the movie “White Christmas.”. How could I compete with that. They had the corner all scened out. I moved from the boondocks where it was pointless to do a lot of outside decorations because no one besides us saw them. My decoration was modest at best. I’m talking front door action. Now I’m in a community and these people are serious. One street looked like Lowes parking lot with all the big blow up lawn decorations. You didn’t even see the house at night.

Not this year folks, I’m ready. I’m putting up my decorations today!




*Okay, the gauge was set low but I am first. And I didn’t use any tape or nails! *

14 thoughts on “The Christmas Gauge

  1. Before I departed the US for warmed and less commercial climates many of my neighbors paid for professional companies to hang their lights. I personally could not wait to escape. Thanksgiving is coming and then the rush begins. We sometimes forget what the spirit of all of this means.

    • This is true, we do tend to forget. I just wanted my grandchildren to enjoy my example of the holiday spirit before the bigger and better commercialized renditions appear. They helped sort the lights and all the things that go along with decorating. Then we came in and had hot chocolate.

      • You’re in America and one of the dark aspects of all our freedom is that I think Christmas is BIG business and we forget about all the other days of the year, what we are clebrating and all the people who have nothing.

        I am now following you so we will chat again.

      • Thanks for following and I look forward to our communication. We live in America but we don’t do the big Christmas thing. We make gifts, play games and spend time together. I wanted my children to learn intrinsic values so I allowed them to make anything not buy something.

  2. Good job! You WIN ! I think the outdoors is the only place we can decorate this year. Last year we went out of town so hung a couple of wreaths , lit up the porch and called it done. We have 2 cats and a dog this year, and I am wondering if I can deal with the stress of the animals fussing with the decorations. It will be a nightmare, but the hubby loves it. ME….I’d rather go sew!!

    • Go sew! I’m gonna paint. I usually have a tree on both levels. Not this year. My husband has a Christmas town with about 20 buildings now and a train set. I’m not even going to touch those boxes. πŸ™‚

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