Responding to what word brings me happiness.

The word dance always brings me happiness. Just writing the word seem to bring a feeling of pleasure. And I love to dance!

The passion started at a young age. Twirling around in a tutu and ballet slippers to tap shoes and sparkling costumes made out of satins. I would dance across the performance stage, tongue hanging out the side to my mouth to my mothers dismiss. I couldn’t help it, it was a flaw in the genes but none the less when the performance was over I would be elated. I got through it without any mishaps. Flowers and fancy dinners would follow. Everyone together celebrating my victory. Dance would bring my family together through illness, separation and even divorce.

As a teenager dancing would bring personal freedom. Time to reflect on where I was going and how far I had come. Looking at myself in the mirror as I twirled across studio floors. Long neck, long arms and long muscular legs that for years men and women would comment about whenever I displayed them. A dancer’s body. The body I developed through years of dedication to the art. Dancing for one of the most prestigious dance academy in Philadelphia was my reward. I gladly gave up my Saturday morning and catch the el to rehearse with Philadanco.

As a young woman the partying never stopped. From dancing in the basement with blue lights to club hopping into the morning lights. We could put a party together at the drop of a hat. All we needed was a blue light bulb and something to drink. It always amazed me how through dancing you could meet and fall in love on the dance floor. It would get hot with all the grinding and bumping but the blue lights made everybody look good so you danced until the lights came on and you hoped that magic was real and he asked you for your phone number.

As an older woman I still love to dance with my husband on the rare occasion that we do. When he holds me close and twirls me across the floors I fall in love with him all over again. I feel happiness. I feel young and alive again. After a night of dancing when I wake up I still feel that magic from the night before and I wonder why we don’t dance more often and then I move and feel the pains in my knees and it all comes back to me. Arthritis.

So I wait until the next time I get to actually dance but I live with the feeling dancing gave me through my youth. I dance with my grandchildren as I twirl them across the floor hoping that dancing brings them the happiness I felt. When they stick that tongue out I know they are concentrating on the dance and they laugh and I laugh knowing that it’s in the genes.

Take the time to dance everyone for happiness.

9 thoughts on “DANCE

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  3. Wow – your writing brings tears to my eyes. So emotional, so in-depth, so free. Thru your words, I too can envision the happiness dance can bring to one. Thanks, as always for sharing your experiences, your insight, your talent. I am in awe of you – my dear friend. 🙂 (fondly, your high school friend – the one in the corner as you Dance)

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