When You Care Enough….

Good Morning Wonderers!

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day. I had a lovely day myself and as usual my children did their best to out do each other for the winning gift. They get a kick out of surprising me. When they were little I never let them spend money on me. I still prefer that they did not but I can’t stop the older children and they always come up with something extra special. I’m so lucky!

This year I got something that I have to share on Mundy Madness.

Alex worked around the house all last week earning money to buy cards. He presented me with a piece of paper with a explanation.

“Um Mom Mom. I couldn’t find a card that said what I wanted to say so I made you one!” I live for the handmade stuff so I eagerly accepted it. Take a peek!


“We may not be the best family in the world but we will always love no matter what”

I wasn’t sure how to take at first but hey, it was made from the heart and sent with love. This year Alex you win!

Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

P.S. Children I loved all my cards and gifts.

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