Be Specific on What You Wish

Good morning Wonders:

Today I have made it to the six week deadline of my recovery. The exact six weeks. For the last 24 hours I have been counting how many times over the last six weeks I wished to go out of the house.

Today I get to go out. I get to take a car ride to North Carolina and I get to take a flight.

I wish I had been more specific of where I wanted to go. I should have wished to go on vacation or go to the mall even. I wish I had wished to just take a walk or go see friends. I wish I hadn’t complained so much about been cooped up.

I wish I was going anywhere else instead of my sister’s funeral.

To my sister:

I hope you are free like the wind and your spirit is being carried by your majestic wings soaring high above the clouds to your new home. You were an angel here on earth and I know he is awaiting your arrival. I love you so much.

4 thoughts on “Be Specific on What You Wish

  1. Blessings on your travel during this difficult time. Your sorrow is felt. I pray as you journey and during the challenging days ahead. I pray that your presence with your family in the time of greatest need will be a blessing on each of them. My prayer will include a request for the mercy of the Almighty and for you all to feel his healing peace and wrap you in the comfort of his mighty love. Today, as I go to my Bible study class, I will ask all my prayer partners to lift you and your family in prayer.

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