Nothing but a good time.

Good day wonders.

Every art class is nothing but a good time and my portrait class is no different. Of course Dr. S. Is leading the group once again and although I missed half of this class, I have learned so much. My first finished portrait of J.

Funny. Whenever I draw myself and ask her who it is, she knows it is me. But I asked her who this was and she doesn’t know. I guess We never look like we think we should, even at 2.

6 thoughts on “Nothing but a good time.

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  4. I love that you continue to reach and build our skills. It does sound like you are enjoying your class. I hope it is full of laughter, and you leave smiling at your work, the way this darling girl is smiling at you! Is it really you in that drawing? Did you do it from a photo as inspiration?

    • It is the most exhilarating two hours of my week. The ladies in my class are mostly retired professionals and they all love to talk. We laugh a lot. They remind me of the tv commercial slogan “characters welcome” because we all have something to say. The drawing is inspired by a photo I took. She had just learned how to smile and that is the first time

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