It Says Dishwasher

Good evening fellow wonderers:

Some forty something odd years ago I said to my mother, “It says dishwasher.” She was the proud owner of “The Carousel”. It was a countertop dishwasher that connected to the kitchen faucet. She lived to show it off to out of town guest and the women of her circle. My mother was the sole owner in our five block radius. But by the time you had to scrap the dishes, wash and rinse the dishes just to put them in “The Carousel” the dishes could have been done. I mean washed, dried and put away. But when you got it loaded and put the top on and turned on the hot water, you thought you had something special. You could hear the water going around and around with hot steam billowing around it. I bet my mother felt like the queen of the neighborhood. I felt like it was a waste of time and hot water because if you didn’t get your bath before it started, you had to wait for the hot water to build up.

Now, as I watch my husband scraping and rinsing the dishes with soapy water just to load them in the dishwasher I just want to yell, “That stainless steel contraption under the counter says – DISHWASHER!”

3 thoughts on “It Says Dishwasher

  1. and then, sometimes you get to unloading the “CLEAN” dishes; and have to toss a few in the sink for a good old scrub with a brush and more dish soap.! As I sit here in the kitchen with dinner dishes waiting in the sink, I wonder, WHY am I waiting for the dishwasher to finish; just so I can reload it…..????

    • No one in my house wants to empty it. It might run and then someone adds more dirty dishes and runs it again. I just wash dishes! The convenience of a dishwasher is an inconvenience for me unless of course, I’m cleaning light fixtures. :-). In that case, it’s an asset.

  2. We have a running argument in the house. I put the cat food dishes in the dishawasher. Loving wife says “don’t do that, wash them by hand, they fill up the dishwasher.” Huh? Don’t we want it full? I say even if we have to scrape and rinse the dishes (which experts say we don’t) it still disinfects them and we all stay healthier. And I hate those stinking cat food dishes…. I am happy to unload a lot of clean dishes I didn’t have to wash, so it is my chore. šŸ™‚

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