Mundy Madness – Reading is Optional

I was shopping at the local Walmart one day heading south down the cereal isle when out of no where a small voice from the shopping carts shouts, ” That’s what you need Mom-Mom!” I started looking around trying to figure out what the child was talking about when he suddenly blurts out, “Two shakes and a sensible diet!” OMG! Low on the bottom shelf was Slim Fast shakes. He couldn’t read but he linked me up with the box he saw on tv and who knows how long he’s had the notion that it was something I needed. I guess the hand writing is in this isle. Out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom and all that crap. My baby thinks I’m FATTTTTT!

What else could I do, I put the shakes in the cart. All the other moms out there were watching for my reaction. I thanked him for his concern and put the shakes in the cart and turned west towards another isle. As I was walking away I noted to self. PBS channels don’t show commercials!

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