Chalkboard progress report

Okay wonderers, there’s no turning back now! First coat of chalk paint is on the wall. I have to wait 24 hours for the next coat.

Here’s what I learned today.

You really should wear plastic gloves when your painting. It makes cleaning your hands up so much easier.

Concentrated 2x Dawn dish liquid is the new all purpose cleaner. Adding vinegar only increases the power.

Dream big, live bigger! I decided to go full scale on my board. I kept thinking I wasn’t going to need all the space I had taped out but hey, what’s a few inches between need and want. 🙂

This is what I got.


4 thoughts on “Chalkboard progress report

  1. I just read another blog with a chalk board paint discussion…
    They were doing a small one in a frame and got MARTHA STEWART chalkboard paint in various colors at Michaels! Bottles were small, but I was thinking if you wanted to paint a border or frame of some sort on yours, or even use a stencil to add some pizazz, it might be fun. The beauty of paint is if you don’t love what it is, you can paint over it!

    • Thank you. That’s a cool suggestion. I’m going to Michaels and check it out. I have been adding primary colors to the space. I can visualize a border. I will post my progress sometime today.

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