Stow away, go away

Good evening fellow wonderers:

First, let me tell you my progress on my magnetic chalkboard wall. It’s magnetic!!!!! For some reason I didn’t think it was going to work. I was expecting the wall to crumble or something drastic to happen for my hubby to get angry about. But so far, so good. The magnets are sticking. Now I am at a crossroad. The sales girl at Lowes had to mention I could use any kind of paint over the magnetic primer so now I’m wavering between chalk paint and wall paint to minimize the chalkboard look. I’m gonna sleep on it. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Now for my go away story.

I used to live in the country side of York county where I would see an occasional deer, rabbit, maybe a turtle or two during the twenty something years I lived out there but now that I’m in the city side of the country I have seen a crawfish in my yard, a black snake, a mole and today I don’t know what to call it but a creature I hope to never stow away with me again ever! That was a long sentence I know but I couldn’t break my chain of thought for fear.

I was driving to a school meeting, windows down, breeze blowing in my hair. (Yea, I signed up for celebration parent.) I was thinking on the way there how to NOT volunteer for too many things at once, you know, getting my excuses together when up popped the head of a monster at my driver’s window. I was trying desperately to close the window without killing myself in the process. It’s a new car and I don’t know how to work everything yet and under pressure I was pushing all the buttons on the door trying to keep my eyes on it and on the road. I yelled at it thinking I was going to scare it to jump off. I closed the window and sped up hoping it would blow off my car. He was riding like he was wind surfing. When I pulled into the parking lot I said to him, “Okay, you stowed away but I know where your not going back!” I got out the car and took his picture because my husband would never believe how big this thing was.

I feel like I need a body guard. Almost everyday something is lurking around my house but this villain has been removed. I hope his family doesn’t come looking for me! If I am missing, here is your number one suspect:


Until next time, keep wondering!

9 thoughts on “Stow away, go away

    • You know, my first sighting of him was thru the side view mirror. You know, the one that makes things appear larger than they really are? At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If he had gotten into the car, somebody would have died. 🙂

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