Trash to Treasure

I love junking. When I was a kid my dad would go to other neighborhoods and bring back the best stuff. He would repair them, clean them and claim it as his own. Well I guess I have inherited the gene also. My dad calls it trash digging, I call it treasure hunting.

Whatever you call it, my husband has put up the caution tape, literally. I came into the garage and there was yellow caution tape surrounding all my fines. I have a vanity, two papasan chairs and what I like to call, a reading table. The caution tapes means ~ Caution, get this stuff out of here or it’s going to the dumpster! He likes to give me hints without really saying it verbally.

So I started on the vanity. Which costs me $15.00 at the local Goodwill. Originally I thought it would look nice in my bedroom, but the roommate (hubby) said no. So I sanded down the top because it had cup rings on it and I was only going to restain the wood. Sometime during my trip to Home Depot, my mind drifted to off white acrylic paint. So I decided to chalk paint the vanity for my granddaughter. Chalk paint is latex paint with Plaster of Paris mixed.

J is only two so I am wondering if she’ll be a diva and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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