Day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas Crafts

Hello Wonderers:

Now this may not seem to be a craft to some but for someone who used to just put a card into an envelope, scribble out an address and lick on a stamp, this is definitely a craft to me.

Today I am making envelopes for my hand made cards and liners for the store bought cards.  I scored some really neat paper.  And yes Kerrie it is only wrapping paper, not paper from PaperSource which is fastly becoming my favorite paper craft store.  That’s my special occasion paper when I only care enough to send the very best!  But for Christmas cards Wonderers I have to be pretty and practical because the recipients only care what’s inside the envelope, the money.

Now isn’t this paper cool or what 


All you need is

A pencil, double sided tape, scissors, envelopes and the paper of course. 

Trace your envelope on the back of your paper and cut.  Fit it inside of your envelope and tape the backside of both your paper and the envelope. And your done.


I went to YouTube and watched a tutorial on how to make an envelope without glue or tape by WatchingWoolykal.  

Wonderful stuff.

Well Wonderers I have a lot more to do so I’ll say goodnight and thanks for perusing.

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