Update -Day 3 of 25 Days of Christmas Crafts

Hello Wonderers:

Hubby finished his shirt in time for the party!  Everyone loved it.  That’s what I love about artistic people, they see art in everything!

And yes it was to have a Christmas theme. They all know I can’t follow instructions but at least I did draw what I want for Christmas – ART SUPPLIES!

On December 9th The Catawba River Art Guild Is having their annual Christmas party.  Each member and/or spouse are to be bring a T-shirt to swap.  The shirt is supposed to be artistic in some way.  I didn’t remember if it had to be Christmassy or not so I just went with mines.  What y’all think?  Does it need more color?  I used Sharpies Pens in black, gold, silver and cooper.  I love their metallic pens.

 So for the 3rd day of Christmas crafts- Paint a t-shirt!

  Hubby is still working on his.  I refused to do it for him so he’s digging deep for inspiration.  I’ll update his whenever he finishes because I know your wondering what he’s going to come up with.  Me too!
Until next time, thanks for perusing and good night.

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