Day 5 of 25 Days of Christmas Crafts

Good morning Wonderers:

For the 5th day of Christmas Crafts I decorated the trees.  I literally just sang that!

I searched all over the garage for my second tree when it dawned on me, we only had one tree up last year because of construction going on downstairs and I threw the older tree to Goodwill.  I thought about getting a real tree for upstairs, but then I thought about  having to water it and vacuum up pines needles.  I then thought about my dog and ultimately about the environment and decided to go artificial.  The best time to get an artificial tree is Black Friday and since I missed it I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap tree.  Well I found it!  Not only is it cheap it was really easy to put up.

 Simply Holiday Flat Tree.  It is a pop-up tree on sale for $10.  Originally $15.99 at Roses.  I was doubtful that I would keep it after I opened the box but I thought it was worth investigating.  Look at how simple the directions were.  It was like hanging up my coat.  This little tree already had lights on it too.  Now let me say it is only good for an image of a Christmas tree but that was all I needed for the space I was looking for to put it.  I may go back a buy one for each of the kids bedroom.  I recently purchased a little tree designed by Ellen Degeneres for $35 that is battery operated that I must say I do love but not for 4 bedrooms.  This is is much more cost effective.  

For the 5th day – Decorate your trees.  I made all of the bows and ribbons out of 12″ Roll Wrap by Celebrate It.  My craft for today.  

 Thanks for perusing and have a good day!

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