My Get Well Quilt

Hello Wonderers:

I woke up this morning to a wonderful breakfast courtesy of my granddaughter J. She left it on my nightstand because I was sleep.

I especially loved the details of her mind. The glove is definitely a special touch.

You guys have to go over to Prettyladybaby to see what she’s been up to. She is having a 100 blog giveaway Friday but I must show you the get well quilt she sent me for recovery. My picture doesn’t do it any justice but I’m sure she has a better one. I call it the rainbow guilt. It’s light but very warming and it is the first to bare her logo name.

I didn’t get a chance to show you guys what me and the children did for the holiday so here is a recap.






We made lots of goodies for our neighbors and friends. Shifted around a lot of dentures at the senior citizen community center. They loved them but we will have to make them much smaller next time. Alex and mine first time at making candy. We went on and made Caramel popcorn when we got tired of cutting and wrapping the candy. A Christmas Eve dinner for a family we met at the rehab center that got to go home. Coconut macaroons for everyone who rang the doorbell. Whether they liked them or not. And… Cinnamon muffins just because they make the house smell like Christmas, to me that is. Last but not least Kerrie and I started on the Artsy Oven Mitts.


This face says it all so please go over http// and show her some love. We are two down (my templates) 108 to go!

As always thanks for perusing and keep wondering



6 thoughts on “My Get Well Quilt

  1. I am so happy to see you are making the artful oven mitts! I had the best time with them. I enlarged the cuff opening by 1″ to make them go around the open arm on my machine when I was putting on the binding. I have to report that the ones I handstitched the binding after I turned it looked SO much better. I made 11 total, and used up LOTS of my scrap fabric. It was a lot of fun.
    I hope you are recovering. I do envy you having your grands near enough to hug. Mine are on an adventure in Africa, and I won’t see them for a couple of years and miss them hugely!

    • Happy New Years! Kerrie and I were just wondering about you and hoping all is well. The mitts are fun to make. I’m hoping to be able to sit soon so I can start. I have some cool fabric to get started. I know you miss them but what an adventure!

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