Share The Love Giveaway Thank You Response

If you’ve come my way via Prettyladybaby’s blog, “Thank you for viewing and good luck!”

Now on to the blog!

You might be wondering why I started blogging? I actually started awhile ago by force I might add by my daughter Kerrie. She is my strong willed child and always has been. She is a great kid but if she gets something in her mind, there’s no turning back. I know you might know she has it in her head that I am going to learn how to quilt but I’ve been learning to sew for the last 45 years on and off and have managed not to get it yet. Now that it is her mission, the 46th year my get the prize. You can look forward to me blogging about the journey!

Now since she is so set on my blogging, let me tell you 5 fun facts about my baby. You know moms love bragging ( and taking credit) about the good things their children do.

1. She’s generous to a fault (and modest too)! I had to buy about 15 hat, scarves and glove sets at the beginning of a new school year because she would give hers away to anybody she thought was in need. Still doing that I see! Hint-giveaway.

2. She thinks everybody is a friend. When she was a kid, she’s the only person I know that could walk on a playground to a bunch of new kids and by the time she left everybody would be her friend. That’s the dormant gene I passed on!

3. She loves to talk!!!!!! I used to ask her to be quiet for 5 minutes. She could only hold it for 30 seconds before she would ask, “Mom, guess what?”

4. She always excited about being excited. That’s the basis of her strong will. It didn’t go well at school though. My coworkers used to place bets on how soon the school would call during the first week of school. Usually the first day!

5. She told me the day after her birth that she was going to do something great with her hands someday. Who would have known it would be quilting?

Thanks Kare I will do my best to make you proud of me too!

Love, Mom


4 thoughts on “Share The Love Giveaway Thank You Response

  1. I know your proud of your daughter but she is just as proud of her mother. Hide your husband, I could really use someone that does such beautiful work. Your porch is wonderful.

    • Hi Jan. Thanks for reading. Yeah I think I’ll keep him. My man knows how to sign a check. As far as hiding goes, that would be impossible. He lives on that patio now!

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