Games with Friends, Right!

I’ve never been into video games. Not in the 80’s, PAC man was boring; 90’s Nintendo games were to fast for me. I could only make the characters moonwalk and advance at the same time. The 2000’s let’s just say I was handicapped at best. My most skilled move was tripping over the cords and sabotage the game completely. But 2013 I have become a gamer!

My transformation start with scrabble. I was having fun. Then it went to words with friends where I discovered something I didn’t know about games with adults. They still don’t like to lose! I mean people would stall and make me wait for days to play again. They forfeit because they know they can’t win. I always play to the end (hey Will Smith I heard a rap forming). But my personal favorite – hubby is mad because I’m playing with someone else. So much for games with friends. I was forced to find a game I can play by myself. The answer – Candy Crush Saga!

OMG it was on from the first game. I didn’t have to wait for nobody to play. The puzzles are fun and not too time consuming and the music is mesmerizing. Atleast until it became time consuming. I couldn’t stop playing. My husband would enter a room and give me that look and I would reply, “it’s all I got -five minutes of happiness”. Now at level 180 sometimes even when I’m not playing I hear that music. Sometimes it’s calling me, other times its laughing at me. I know I’m not alone everywhere I go people are playing talking about how addictive it is. I may have to come out of retirement and form a support group.

What’s even more concerning to me is since I’ve been neglecting the hubby he’s now playing Gems with Friends with other people! This is a person that doesn’t do any kind of social networking. No emails, facebook-ing, nothing and now he’s cheating on me with friends! Whahhhhhhh!!!

Until next time, keeping wondering.

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